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If you’re an older golfer who has been struggling with your game and becoming frustrated, you have come to the right place. If you are in your mid-fifties and upwards, and there is nothing you like more than to get out on the links and playing a round or two with friends and you are finding to your annoyance your game is changing, then read on. I have the solution for you.

Don’t let those confidence sapping aches and pains that have started to affect the quality of your game make you think you may have to quit and find something else to enjoy. You most certainly don’t want your golf handicap be your body and we can completely understand that. That’s why the Age Defying Golf Program Rx was developed which will not only help you through the pain of arthritis or from surgery, it will actually improve your golf game!

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Who Is Dr Ryan York and Dr Chad Edwards

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Developed by Dr. Ryan York and Dr. Chad Edwards, Age Defying Golf will get you to do more than just putting around in your 50’s and 60’s and up to driving the long ball well into your 70’s and 80’s! Both doctors are from Washington State and have used their skills to assist older golfers with their game and whatever the condition was that hampered it. Whether your game has been affected by surgery, arthritis or an injury, Age Defying Golf will show you how to stay active without quitting the game you love.

Dr. Ryan York DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Co-creator/Founder Age Defying Golf

Ryan YorkOlder golfers take note: Dr. York devised his program after spending time as an orthopedic physical therapist in a senior golf resort community. While working with golfers of all ages he noticed golfers aged 50 and older had a very different biomechanical pattern.

Ryan has a BS degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Tacoma, Washington’s University of Puget Sound. Add to this his advanced training in spinal biomechanics, human movement science from the Gray Institute and advanced Golf Performance Specialist training and certification and you begin to see that he knows what he’s talking about.

After analyzing hundreds of golfers in the over 40 age bracket and collaborating with colleagues and PGA teaching professionals, he founded Age Defying Golf. The system focuses on returning flexibility and strength to the mechanics of the golf swing as well as corrective muscle memory science and speed training to not only improve performance for older golfers between the ages of 50 and 75, but it has become the most effective training program for senior golfers allowing them to outplay much younger players.

If you would like to learn more about who I am and what drove me to help older golfers and a little background to how Chad and I began this site, click here.

Dr. Chad Edwards, DPT OCS CGFI
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Golf Functional Instructor through Titleist,
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Co-Creator Age Defying Golf

Dr Chad EdwardsDr. Edwards has a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington and has assisted thousands of individuals return to their favourite activities pain free by overcoming injuries. Add to this his advanced training with the Titleist Performance Institute and his understanding of the demands in golf placed on the intricate complexity of the human body and you have another expert in the field of biomechanics.

Chad has the knowledge on how to identify and avoid injury risk. His training has focused on body balance and how to use that to make efficient movement to enhance performance. What this means to older golfers is that he has the right stuff to improve your game by applying the principles developed in the Age Defying Golf System.


What Does The Age Defying Golf Website Cover?

How Can It Help Me?

When you visit our website you’ll discover there are solutions to the problems faced by older golfers. All of the elements that combine to become the complete Age Defying Golf Program come from extensive studies conducted by the two doctors who developed it. For example, the most interesting data collected involve details on how age, stiffness, injury, arthritis and surgery all had a different kind of impact on the way a senior played golf.

If you are a golfer of advanced age you’ll be able to understand when we say the flexibility you once had is not the same as the level of flexibility you have now. Even if you do not suffer from pain of any kind, your game has changed simply because you have aged.

While that sounds logically possible, the proof came from years working as an orthopedic physical therapist in a senior golf resort community. Add to that working with hundreds of other golfers and a biomechanical pattern shift began to emerge to Dr Ryan York. It is with this information, that much of the Age Defying Golf Program was built around.

Golfing is a pleasurable sport and past time. For many older golfers it is a key element in their social network as it keeps connections and helps to form additional new social connections, vital to health and wellbeing as we age. When those connections become limited because of pain or disease-related issues, it becomes frustrating. Not only because it affects your game, but it can also have a huge impact on your ability to stay fit, active and healthy, not to mention how it can hamper social activities. These are all reasons why the Age Defying Golf Program was developed.

This website is designed for older golfers just like you.

First, it’s easy to get around to see  all the information there is here.
Second, it has a lot of free information that you can access to help with your game.

Both of the founders of Age Defying Golf, Dr. Chad Edwards and Dr. Ryan York, have used their knowledge of the human body, especially the  bodies of seniors who love the game of golf, to develop 5 unique programs which teaches techniques for older golfers to easily change the way they play golf for an improved and satisfying round. All you need is 15 minutes a day…

Age Defying Golf Has 5 Individual Unique Products For Older Golfers Keen To Improve Their Game

Age Defying Golf has five unique products created for older golfers which combine to make the complete Age Defying Golf System. Each program offers different levels of involvement, depending on your preferences and desire to play an enjoyable and rewarding game of golf.

If you would like Dr Ryan York’s tips and techniques on how to play golf pain free, particularly if you suffer from the confidence sapping pain of arthritis, have undergone major surgery or suffered an injury, Pain Free Golf, Solutions for Golfers Over 50 will give you many positive life changing tips. This book is perfect for those who do not want, or, can’t be too actively involved

Or, if you would like to play an Age Defying Game of Golf, our full 12 week program with me holding your hand with over 70 how to videos, quick start guides, swing evaluation guide, 10 specific Age Defying stretch guides and more, then the Age Defying Golf Rx program may very well be for you…

Age Defying Golf RX


Age Defying RXThe first is “Age Defying Golf RX.” This program is perfect for you if you are an older golfer between 50 and 70 years of age and if your current handicap is between 8 and 36.

What makes this a perfect program is that it targets improvements to flexibility, injury prevention and golf performance.

The best part is that it just takes 15-minutes of your time, three times a week and before you know it, you’ll be playing the best golf of your life!

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Stiff Golfers Bible For Instant Results…Without Exercise


Then there’s the “Stiff Golfers Bible For Instant Results…Without Exercise.” This guide helped me to understand why my golf set up needs to be different than a younger golfer if I intend to keep up with them.

It also gives you the key by showing older golfers the one move needed to sync up your golf swing for rhythm and timing on every shot – a must have if you consider yourself a stiff golfer!

Plus, this guide will also show you the three adjustments you need to make that will add distance to your shots when your back and hips are stiff as a board. Believe me, these tips alone got me back on the golf course swinging with confidence. It also includes $160 in FREE Bonuses!

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Age Defying Golf EZ

Age Defying Golf Ez

Next there is “Age Defying Golf EZ” which is designed for the older golfer over the age of 50 if all you want is to have the maximum in golf flexibility, strengthening and golf injury prevention possible.

It sounds like a tall order but this book has all of this. It’s perfect for older golfers with a 10 handicap or less and if all you want to do is spend 15-minutes or less a week working on your golf body.

It will simply make you look at the physics of the game in a completely different light with the view of a golfing senior who still has a few tricks of his sleeve.

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Pain Free Golf: Solutions for Golfers Over 50

stiff golfer

There are also testimonials here from other older golfers who have taken part in the Age Defying Golf Program and discovered huge improvements in their game. You didn’t come here by accident. You came here looking for help and that is exactly what you’ll receive from Age Defying Golf!

Since 2007, Age Defying Golf has been dedicated to improving the experience and performance of golfers over 50. Age Defying Golf will radically improve your game using highly targeted exercises for golf, golf instruction, power golf for players over 50 and golf flexibility while eliminating back pain and golf.

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