2 Golf Exercises for Consistent Iron Shots

exercise for golf consistencyI recently wrote an article detailing how we use golf exercise to engrain swing mechanics to improve your golf swing much faster than simply practicing on the range.

In particular, if resistance is used properly, it puts your muscles in hyper learning mode which allows the body to create new muscle memory patterns. We have found that this method is the fastest way to improve your golf swing.

In this article, I am going to give you 2 particularly effective golf exercises that will improve the consistency and precision of your ball striking. Stay out of the winter cold, you can do these exercises in warmth of your home!

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How to Train a Flat Left Wrist in Your Golf Swing

Having a flat left wrist at the point of impact, is non negotiable if you want to make consistent contact with the golf ball. Senior golfers are at particular risk of this swing fault. We have found this problem in well over 50% of the golfers we evaluated.

golf stretches

Maintaining a left flat wrist through the impact position, helps to insure a descending strike to the golf ball. Allowing the wrists to hinge, adds an additional moving part which makes consistency nearly impossible. Plus, when the wrists hinge, the clubface passes in front of the wrist which slows the head of the golf club down quite a bit.

Result: poor contact and decreased swing speed causing a major loss in distance. And poor mechanics is more at fault for lost distance than age is.

But changing this swing fault can be very difficult. Golf training exercises can help, here is how:

golf exercise

WAIT!! Do you think this exercise will help your wrist position?

No, it won’t! This exercise could make it worse. The reason is that the resistance is wrong, it stimulates the muscles that encourage bending of the wrists.

If you want to improve your mechanics, perform this exercise holding a dumbbell instead of resistance with the exercise band. This way you have to work to keep the wrist flat. You will be using the correct muscles that need to be trained to keep your wrist in the best position for ball striking.

Perform the exercise slowly focusing on a flat left wrist throughout.

How to Train Effective Weight Transfer

Poor weight transfer is another HUGE cause of bad ball striking. Many golfers keep their weight on their back foot instead of transferring forwards for impact and follow through.

The Result: the path of the golf club bottoms out too early.

golf exercise for consistency

For great ball striking, you want the club to reach its lowest point AFTER hitting the ball. But if you don’t transfer your weight correctly, it will reach its bottom before the ball which results in either hitting the ground before the ball, or hitting the ball on the upswing. There is no power or consistency hitting the ball on the upswing unless it is on a tee.

Again, to train the body to learn the fastest, you need to use resistance correctly.

Check this out:

In this exercise, the resistance is positioned correctly because the muscles that work to transfer your weight correctly, are being activated. Having to work harder than normal to achieve the correct motion, increases muscle memory.

Golf Alignment Quick Tip to Improve Weight Transfer

If you are still struggling to transfer your weight correctly, the problem might be your alignment.

The most common alignment problem is aiming too far to the right (for right handed golfers). Many golfers align their feet to the target, which is incorrect. You want to align the face of the club to the target and your feet should be aligned slightly to the left. Alignment sticks can really help.

Other alignment issues including having a stance that is too wide or keeping your head down too long after you hit the golf ball.

Many instructors feel that alignment is the #1 cause of poor weight transfer. We use alignment sticks a lot with our students.

First, we put the alignment sticks down. One stick is in front of the ball (or behind it if you prefer) and pointing directly at the target. The other stick lines up in front of the golfers toes and should be parallel to the first stick. Being parallel is key. That way, the feet are lined up slightly to the left of the target.

Once the alignment sticks are down, we have the golfer stand behind the ball looking at the target. Keep your eyes on the target and line up to the ball as you normally would. Then look down at your feet to see if you lined up correctly.  Make the correction and try it again until it feels natural to line up correctly.

Practice that technique until you get it right, than re-check periodically to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Dr Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapist
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

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