Age Defying Golf EZ

Feeling Stiff and Losing Distance On The Golf Course?

Tired Of Popping Pain Pills Before/During/After Your Round?

Are you tired of feeling OLD!

We Have Created The Simplest and Easiest Program
Where We Guarantee To Give You An Age Defying Game Of Golf!


Ryan YorkDr. York is a Certified Golf Performance Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy and received his BS degree in Exercise Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.

Additionally, Dr York has undergone advanced training in spinal biomechanics and human movement science at the Gray Institute, including advanced training and certification as a Golf Performance Specialist.

Dr York has worked with golfers of all ages as a orthopedic physical therapist in a senior golf resort community and understands the needs of older golfers intimately.

Age Defying Golf Ez was designed specifically in response to older golfers asking us to put together the best golf flexibility and golf exercise program for golfers over 50 years old.

Whereas our signature program, ADG RX, includes flexibility, targeted exercises and specialist golf training to improve your golf swing, consistency and power,

Age Defying Golf EZ Is A Targeted Golf Stretching And Basic Exercise Video Program You Can Take With You Anywhere At Anytime…

Age Defying Golf EZ will improve your flexibility, core stability and strength, and help you play pain free golf regardless of your current age or fitness level!

Was: $59 Now Yours For Only $37

About the same as a single round of golf!

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Golf Exercise Program[/ez_two]
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golf stretches“I had given up golf because somebody told me I was an old man, even sold my clubs.

I missed the game and saw an ad for Age Defying Golf Rx. I participated in the Age Defying golf program for three months, which made it possible for me to qualify for the National Senior Olympics.

It is a wonderful program and you had better believe it really works! It’s always been my desire to play at Stanford (site of 2009 National Senior Olympics). Now I can finally do it. Thank you Age Defying Golf!!”

Chuck Young, McCall, ID


Age Defying Golf EZ includes:

  • Simple golf stretching exercises you can do at home
  • Golf specific stretches and gentle exercises any one can do
  • No equipment required, no gym required
  • Includes both basic and advanced exercises…you choose what is best for you!
  • In only minutes a day
  • Play better golf, pain free golf, more enjoyable golf!

Sample Exercises from Age Defying Golf EZ:

After the age of 45, most of a golfers distance and accuracy is determined by their flexibility, particularly their golf specific flexibility.

Poor flexibility in the key muscles and joints causes the following swing faults:

  • Do you reverse pivot shift?
  • Do you have a short jerky backswing and transition?
  • Find you have a winging back elbow?
  • Experience excessive head movement?
  • Experience excessive lower body movement?

All of which = no consistency, no power and worse, no fun!!

In Other Words, It Is Literally Impossible To Have A Good Swing If You Are Stiff!!!

Nearly all of the golfers that we work with at Age Defying Golf have such poor flexibility that they cannot get their body into the right positions to make a quality swing, they are just too stiff. If you are over 50, you are likely limited by the same issues whether you realize it or not

In Addition, The “Over 50 Golfer” Who Is Not Flexible Is At An Extremely High Risk Of Injury.

For example, just a few weeks after retirement, my father-in-law ruptured a spinal disc while playing in a golf tournament. After a 35 year career as a teacher, he spent his 1st year of retirement in a lounge chair recovering from spinal surgery. No fun! (Since then, he has been a faithful Age Defying Golf disciple and reports that he his playing better and hitting the ball further than he has in several decades with no pain!).

Age Defying Golf  EZ is also designed to stabilize the spine, shoulders and hips to make sure that your retirement golf is truly golden.

 Get Instant Access To Age Defying Golf EZ Right Now

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golf flexibility


stretches for golf“Age Defying Golf was able to help me increase the flexibility in my back and strengthen my rotation of my body; therefore I am able to hit the ball further and more accurate then I had in the past. More importantly, it didn’t hurt my back to perform this movement. ” Judy C.


Age Defying Golf EZ Is Simple
ADG EZ is not the only golf exercise program out there. However, many golfers that we have talked to say that they could never / or don’t want to stick to a regular exercise program.

If this is holding you back, no sweat…literally! ADG EZ is EASY! It takes only minutes to complete.

Age Defying Golf EZ is Effective
We have been using this program for years and we are so confident that it will work that we stand behind ADG EZ with a 100% money back guarantee…no questions asked! You can use the program for 2 full months with no risk.

Age Defying Golf EZ is Guaranteed!

Have more fun! Play Better! No excuses:)

Order Age Defying Golf EZ Right Now And Have Instant Access!

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golf flexibility



Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I am looking forward to working for you,

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

PS. If you want to play a satisfying game of golf, enjoy yourself by playing consistently well and staying out of the operating room, Age Defying Golf EZ is for you. We have a disease in the human race called “procrastination,” which means if you do not decide and commit to doing it right now, chances are you never will. Get access to the Age Defying Golf EZ right now.

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