Are Golf Lessons Worth it?

When you talk to golfers about golf lessons you get a lot of opinions.  The basic question that has to be answered is this: are golf lessons worth it?

Golf lessons for golf flexibility

I guess “worth it” depends on what you are expecting and should be discussed with your golf instructor up front so you are both on the same page.  As obvious as this sounds, it may be the most important step to being satisfied with the service you receive.


My opinion…absolutely, golf lessons are worth the money.  Golf is not like shooting a basketball or throwing a ball.  The golf swing is infinitely complex and you will be in a world of hurt if you just try to “figure it out” as you go.


Every time I am working at the driving range I nearly go crazy watching people engrain the wrong mechanics over and over and over again.  Golfers are working SO HARD to create bad habits.  And it gets worse!  Golfers are teaching other golfers their bad habits.  I literally have to wear headphones now days so I don’t hear all the bad advice golfers are giving each other.


From experience with many golfers, once you have learned a bad habit and made it part of your swing, it is 10x’s more difficult to correct it.


Since we specialize in golfers over the age of 50 and you are likely in the age range if you are reading this post, I will write a few words discussing golf lessons as they pertain to you.


The main difference between golfers under 50 and golfers over 50 is typically flexibility, strength, and injury and/or pain.  These issues can have huge implications in regards to the benefits you receive with golf lessons.


1st        Flexibility: This is the most common issue and affects nearly all golfers over 50.  Poor flexibility will limit your ability to get into correct golf positions.  You may go to your local golf pro that identifies a swing fault that is making you slice the ball but you may not be able to physically correct it due to poor flexibility.  In this case, lessons may not help you….unless you fix the flexibility issue first.


2nd.      Strength: Your golf pro may correctly identify that you are coming out of your posture but you may not be able to correct that due to poor core strength.


3rd.       Pain / Injury: Many golfers over 50 may begin to experience pain for a variety of reasons.  This limitation is much more obvious and examples include inability to maintain R hip stabilization in the backswing due to arthritis, limited backswing due to back pain, flying back elbow due to rotator cuff injuries, etc.

QUESTION: Please comment below on your experience with golf lessons.  Do you feel lessons are worth the money?

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