Best 6 Golf Balls For Senior Golfers

We are now approaching the golfing season this year and I’m sure you are all excited about it. It’s about time to show you our annual edition of the best golf balls for senior golfers. As you may be aware, the golf ball is the only equipment that you are going to use for every single shot during your round. So it is of vital importance that you choose the right ball for your game.

Best Golf balls for senior golfers, golf balls for seniors


Golf is constantly changing; the technique evolves and the equipment is tailored to suit the players’ needs. You can’t just scavenge for balls on the golf course and expect to perform with it! You need something that suits your game. But the choosing process may be a bit too confusing, which is exactly why I have written this guide to help you. Hopefully your game will improve!

What Should I Look For In The Best Golf Balls For Seniors…?

Ideally, you should be looking for golf balls that give you maximum distance and also short game control. You may have read online articles that the best balls should reduce the sidespin. Unfortunately, that won’t happen in golf. The only factors affecting sidespin would be the clubface alignment at impact and your swing path.

Therefore, I would recommend you to get a ball that has a relatively hard core and a soft cover. This would be most beneficial to your game.

Golfers love playing the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, but that is not a ball designed for recreational golfers. It’s more suited for the top amateurs and professionals. So this may not be the best ball for you. Instead, you should look for balls that would help you launch it and also carry a considerable distance.

Make sure the ball offers:

1) Maximum compression
2) Optimal spin rate and launch angle

The best golf balls for seniors; especially high handicappers would be 2-piece balls. 2-piece balls are designed for players with slow swing speed and they can help you improve your game.

High Handicappers Golf Balls

If you have recently picked up the sport or if you consider yourself to possess a slow golf swing, this section is written specifically for you.

Titleist DT Solo

Titleist DT Solo Golf BallsIf you have played plenty of golf, you would know this. You have probably found a couple of these in the bushes…

The Titleist DT Solo offers excellent distance to golfers and yet it feels exceptionally soft around the greens. To put it simply, the ball generates minimal backspin with the driver, which helps with the carry distance (even though the launch angle may be a tad lower!).

Also, you can expect plenty of ‘zip’ when you are hitting approach shots around the greens.

Benefits of the DT Solo Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • low compression, fast solid core with soft, responsive monomer cover
  • softest compression feel while delivering exceptional distance
  • responsive short game performance
  • long distance with driver and irons
  • super soft, fast core
  • new spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design

Those shots that Tiger and Rory hit? Well, you can achieve it with the Titleist DT Solo as well. The Titleist Dt Solo is available in yellow if you have difficulty in finding the ball.

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls


 Srixon AD 333

Srixon AD333 Golf BallsThe Srixon AD 333 has an innovative dimple design reducing aerodynamic drag. What does that mean?

It means more distance for you and less deviation off target as well. It is pretty similar to the Titleist DT Solo and the excellent greenside control will certainly impress your golfing buddies.

Benefits Of The Ad 333 At A Glance:

  • Highly resilient golf balls
  • Soft rabalon® hr+ and pana-tetra® blended thin cover
  • Improved core, increasing ball’s launch style while maintaining greenside performance
  • Reduced drag offers consistent trajectory and distance control

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls


Mid Handicappers Golf Balls

Experienced golfer but not quite exceptional yet? Well this section is for you. The golf balls above are probably not ideal for your game and you may lose distance and control. The following golf balls should be considered for your own benefits.

Titleist NXT Tour S

Titleist NXT Tour S Golf BallsAn upgraded version of the Titleist DT Solo, you can expect the NXT Tour S to provide you with excellent launch angles with minimal backspin to optimize higher swing speeds.

Not to mention the fact that it’s short game capabilities are rather similar to the famous Pro V1.

Benefits of the  NXT Tour S Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • delivers low driver and long iron spin for exceptional distance
  • Consistent flight along with commanding short game spin and control with soft feel
  • large dual core with soft center
  • soft Fusablend cover and spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design.

Titleist NXT Tour S


Bridgestone e5

Bridgestone 2015 E5 High Flight 2-Piece Mens Golf BallsBrandt Snedeker and Freddie Couples trust their game with Bridgestone, so why shouldn’t you?

The Bridgestone e5 is also a 2-piece golf ball, but offers a urethane cover. Urethane is an extremely soft material and that is why it provides great short game control.

You don’t even have to worry about the bunker shots and the tricky chip shots anymore.

The only downside is that the ball will be less durable and you might have to bring a couple more balls for your round.

Benefits of the Bridgestone e5 Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • new 326 web dimple pattern increase surface coverage by 110% for improved ball flight for more distance.
  • 2015 e5 is designed to provide extra lift for longer carry and added distance
  • dual dimple pattern aids to maintains lift for longer distance
  • high spinning tour caliber cover and 2 piece construction for improved performance

Bridgestone 2015 E5


Low Handicappers Golf Balls

If you have a moderate swing speed and a low handicap, you should be looking for golf balls that offer great short game control and also fair amount of distance as well.

Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x

Special Tee Golf Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsEvery golfer loves using the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, it feels like you are a Tour Professional! Indeed, there is a reason for that.

The Titleist Pro V1 series offers great control for all short game shots, whether you want the ball to spin back or if you want the ball to hop forward and come to sudden halt, you can achieve it with the Pro V1.

Also, the distance the Pro V1 offers you will be immense. You can expect the ball to fly further in the air with plenty of roll. If you haven’t played with this ball before, you should certainly give it a chance.

Benefits of the Pro V1 Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • The new Pro V1 offers exceptional distance, increased spin control and more consistent flight
  • excellent drop and stop greenside control
  • very soft feel on all shots
  • spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design helps ball hold its line in the wind

Benefits of the Pro V1x Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • delivers very low spin off the driver and long irons with longer distance and more consistent flight
  • Pro V1x is renowned for its drop and stop greenside control
  •  large, high velocity dual core with a soft center
  • high-performance urethane elastomer covers offer incredible responsiveness
  • low long game spin
  • drop and stop greenside control
  • soft feel on all shots
  • tour proven

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls


Srixon Z-Star

Srixon Z-Star White Golf BallsA very similar build and components to the Pro V1, the Srixon Z-Star is one of the best balls out there in the market for senior golfers.

It does not matter that much if you have a slow swing speed or a fast swing speed, the Z-star is designed to perform optimally for all experienced golfers.

However, you may not benefit as much if you are still learning the game, as you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the Z-Star and the AD 333.

Benefits of the  Z-Star Golf Balls Golf Ball At A Glance:

  • dualcore performance optimizes trajectory and spin off the tee with penetrating ball flight unyielding to the wind
  • precisely tuned ball performance to increase total playability on every shot
  • ultimate multi layered golf ball for the player looking for a tour proven ball with superb feel and distance control
  • proprietary super soft urethane cover for added spin control without sacrificing distance
  • exceptional feel and control around the green
  • available in Pure White and Tour Yellow for additional visual performance.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

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