Finish 2018 Strong with the Best Golf Rangefinder

Do you remember the days when you have to estimate how far you are to the flag, only to be off by a few dozen yards or so? Yes, we remember, and we don’t want to go back to those days. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this anymore. With the best golf rangefinder in your golf bag, you can accurately figure out just how many yards you are from the flag.

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

To put it simply, it calculates the distance from where you’re standing to a target. In the case of golfers, it’s usually the flag. This technology is not limited to golf. In fact, it’s used in other applications like forestry, ballistics, hunting and more. That alone should tell you how useful this can be.

Why Buy a Golf Rangefinder?

golf rangefinder

Get more gimmes with a good golf rangefinder.

This list of benefits should convince you to check out the best golf rangefinders:

  • You’ll have a very good idea as to how far the flag is. There’s no “more or less xxx yards”.
  • You’ll know what club to use. There’s no risk of using a club that will make you overshoot or undershoot the shot. You’d limit the need for chip shots, but here are tips on the chip shot.
  • You will avoid hazards. Instead of in the bunker because you used a short iron instead of a long one, you will land on the green.
  • You will spend less time rummaging through the golf bag looking for the right club. With a specific yardage number, you will know exactly what to use.
  • You will shave points off of your usual score. You can even see improvement in your score the first time you use it!

Buyers’ Guide to Find the Best Golf Rangefinders

Manufacturers have recognized the rising popularity of this product, with more and more amateur golfers recognizing its importance. This is why we’re now seeing a lot of different models from different brands in the market right now, especially from the best golfing magazines for seniors.

With these manufacturers wanting to grab a huge piece of the pie, you can bet that a lot of them will have great models to choose from. It can be overwhelming to find the best one for you so we’ve put together a buyer’s guide that will help you find the best one for you, along with our personal recommendations based on our research, personal experiences, and feedback from other golfers.

What to Look for in a Golf Rangefinder

It can be overwhelming to search for the best golf rangefinder. In order to find the best one for you, you should know what to look for.

Maximum Distance Range

You can actually make do with a maximum distance range of 400 yards, but why not buy something with a higher maximum distance range if your budget allows? There are models that have a maximum distance range of up to 1,300 yards.

best golf rangefinder

Good ones have a range of more than 1,000 yards.

Of course, you’d want to increase your swing power as well so you can take advantage of the maximum distance range of these rangefinders. In this case, check out our article on developing swing power for golfers aged 50 and above.


Here are the 3 main types that you can choose from:

  • Laser

In most cases, this is the best type for you. It provides the most accurate yardage information. It’s also very easy to use.

  • GPS handheld

It uses GPS technology to track and measure the distance. The best models also have additional features like the ability to track stats.

  • GPS watch

This could be a good option for you if you also want something that you can wear outside the golf course. It also tells time, so that’s a good functionality to have. It’s also a good option when it’s raining or foggy when a laser rangefinder can prove to be problematic.


Sure, it’s good to splurge on golf equipment every now and then. However, price remains an important consideration because you wouldn’t want to buy something really expensive when you can buy something better at a more affordable price. The key here is to find the one that offers the best value for money.


golf rangefinders

The best ones don’t take up a lot of space.

You have limited space in your golf bag. You wouldn’t want something that will take a lot of space so choose one that has the right dimensions for you.


Every gram matters when you’ll be holding something several times in the course of a round.


The standard nowadays is a magnification of 5X or 6X.


In a game that’s affectionately called the Game of Inches, accuracy matters. The best ones have an accuracy of plus/minus one or two yards.

Best Golf Rangefinder

It’s pretty hard to beat the TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder. At an affordable price of around $150, you’re getting something that’s considered to be the best value-for-money offering there is.

Here are its highlights:

  • It’s among the most accurate rangefinders in the market.
  • It has the updated Pinsensor technology.
  • Portability isn’t sacrificed with dimensions of 1.6 x 2.8 x 4.1 inches.
  • It’s also very light at just 6.6 ounces.
  • It comes in a complete package.
  • Easy to read data thanks to its premium optics.

Pros and Cons

It’s very affordable considering its wide range of features and accuracy.It can measure up to 540 yards only, which should be more than sufficient, but pales in comparison with ones that can measure up to 1,000 yards.
Yard measurement is quick and accuracy is not sacrificed with accuracy of plus/minus 1 yard. 
It’s light but solid and durable with a water resistant body. 
It can work and measure through hazards and even trees. 
Look through the lens for easy-to-read data. 
It has a continuous scan mode. 
You get everything you need in a rangefinder and more as it comes in a complete package with a pouch, strap, cleaning cloth, battery and more. 

Best High Yardage Golf Rangefinder

If you want something that is accurate over 500 yards, go check out the Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder. Made by Bushnell, you just know that this is at least worth checking out. It’s more expensive at around $275, but these highlights should convince you that it’s a good buy if you have the budget for it:

  • JOLT technology incorporated in its PinSeeker.
  • Accurate up to 1,000 yards.
  • Quick focus system.
  • It comes in a complete package.
  • Class 1 laser.

Pros and Cons

You will feel short bursts of vibrations to let you know that the PinSeeker has locked on its target.It’s more expensive than other golf rangefinders.
It has impressive plus/minus accuracy of 1 yard even up to 1,000 yards. 
See your shot clearly thanks to 5X magnification and quick focus. 
It comes in a complete package with a silicone protective casing as a bonus. 
It’s legal for tournaments. 
It’s certified by pros. 
It has an ergonomic body. 

Best Premium Golf Rangefinder

If budget is not an issue, then the Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder is for you. It’s priced at over $420, but this list of highlights will tell you exactly why:

  • It comes with slope switch technology.
  • It has dual displays.
  • JOLT technology incorporated in its PinSeeker.
  • Top-notch accuracy.
  • It has 6X magnification instead of the usual 5X.
  • Class 1 laser.

Pros and Cons

It’s cased in a metal housing.It’s more expensive than other golf rangefinders.
It’s waterproof. 
The dual display technology allows you to choose between a bright red or sharp black display, making it easy to adjust depending on how bright or dark it is out there on the course. 
Ensure that you’ve locked onto the target as you feel the short bursts of vibration. 
With the slope switch technology, the yardage will be adjusted based on how inclined or declined the slopes are. 
It has an accuracy of plus/minus half a yard. 

Best Golf Rangefinder on a Budget

Have you blown your budget on golf technology already but still want to grab a golf rangefinder? Check out the BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder. It’s just a little over $100 with these features packed in:

  • PinSensor technology.
  • Vibration function.
  • 3 available modes to choose from.
  • Impressive accuracy for the price.
  • 6X magnification.

Pros and Cons

Measurement is quick and accurate with accuracy of plus/minus 1 yard.Accuracy suffers if targeting something over 400 yards.
The vibration function lets you know that you’ve locked onto the target. You can also turn this function off. 
You can choose from ranging, flag locking and speed modes. 
It has a USB charging function. 

Are you excited to get one for yourself? Try one of these golf rangefinders and improve your score!

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