Best Golf Shoes for Seniors that will Make Younger Golfers Ask Where You Got Them

Most seniors are looking for one thing when it comes to golf shoes – comfort. While it’s true that there are other considerations, comfort remains the number 1 consideration when they’re searching for the best golf shoes for seniors.

Just like most golfers, senior golfers take a lot of time doing research so that they can buy the best pair for them. No one can blame them, really, considering that a pair of golf shoes is one of the most important investments that you’ll make as a golfer. It’s probably top 3 for most people right after a set of clubs and a bag.

Buyers’ Guide to Find the Best Golfing Shoes for Seniors

It can be an overwhelming process. The market has bombarded us with countless of options – from affordable to expensive ones. On that note, a lot of people make the mistake of buying the most expensive one thinking that it’s the best one. That’s usually not the case because different golfers have different needs. For starters, you as a senior have different needs than a golfer 20 years your junior.

This is why we’ve put together this buyers’ guide. We’ll put together the best golf shoes for seniors based on personal experience, customer reviews, and our research. We’ll provide you with their highlights, pros and cons. These details can help you make the right decision.

What to Look for when Buying Golf Shoes for Seniors

best senior golf shoes

A good pair will really help you improve your game.

As mentioned, different golfers have different needs. But generally speaking, seniors should look for the following:

  • Fit and comfort

These two go hand in hand. You’ll be walking a lot so the pair should be comfortable. It’s not going to be comfortable if they’re too small for your feet.

Proper fit is important for comfort. It’s also important for performance. You wouldn’t want your feet to be sliding inside shoes that are too big while swinging. That will affect your swing.

This is where the grip also comes into play. There should be a tight but comfortable grip around your feet.

  • Traction

There’s a reason why it’s not recommended that you use the sneakers that you use for a day at the mall. Golfing shoes require traction. This is why they have spikes. The spikes can be plastic or metal. Please take note that some courses require a specific type of spikes so take that into consideration when buying one.

  • Appearance

Some pairs now can be worn outside the golf course. This will save you a lot of time and space since you can simply wear the golfing shoes before, during and after your game. Needless to say, it has to look good.

  • Cushion

Just like a lot of seniors, you could be dealing with bum knees and/or a bad back. This is why cushion is another important consideration. You’ll be doing a lot of standing and walking and wearing a pair that has a good cushion system can help.

  • Material

The material can dictate several important things – fit, comfort, waterproofing, to name a few.

  • Weight

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re playing. Most people would go for a lighter pair.

  • Flexibility

There’ll be a lot of walking and twisting. They have to be flexible enough.

The Best Golfing Shoes for Seniors

Look no further than the adidas Men’s Tech Response. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 starts as of this writing which is a big deal considering that it’s been reviewed over a thousand times. It’s definitely not untested in the industry.

It promises performance without sacrificing comfort. It’s made with comfort, durability and weight in mind. This is why it’s the top choice of seniors looking for something stylish, comfortable and can help them improve their game.

There’s a reason why it’s always featured in the best golfing magazines for seniors.

These highlights should explain why it’s a best-seller:

  • It’s ¾ microfiber leather and ¼ lightweight mesh.
  • It features proprietary adituff, traxion, thintech, thintech cleat and adiwear technologies.
  • It has a synthetic and mesh upper.
  • It has a comfortable eva insole.
  • It has what’s considered to be the perfect 6-spike configuration.
Pros Cons
It’s very lightweight. It’s not a good choice for those with wide feet unless you’re going up a size.
It allows your feet to breathe which will prove to be helpful on a hot and sunny day.  
It’s extremely comfortable.  
It has good traction and is very stable to use.  
It looks amazing.  

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for Seniors

A lot of people prefer a “spikeless” pair of golf shoes that they can also wear right after a round of playing golf. It’s not really recommended that you do so, but you’ll never know when that need comes. In that case, you have to check out the adidas Men’s Adipower s Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe. Here are the reasons why.


  • 80% of its upper is made of one piece textile. The rest is Climastorm microber leather.
  • It features a synthetic sole.
  • Its midsole is cushioned with Boost technology.
  • While technically spikeless, it does have a 6-spike tpu construction for its outsole.
Pros Cons
It’s extremely comfortable. If you’ve owned other adidas shoes, like the adidas Men’s Tech Response, you’ll feel that this is inferior to it.
Its Boost technology can give you good returns for your swings.  
It’s very easy to care for.  
It’s lightweight.  
It’s very durable thanks to its construction and materials.  
It’s waterproof.  
It’s true to size.  

Best Leather Golf Shoes for Seniors

best golf shoes for seniors

Leather golf shoes for the purists.

A lot of senior golfers are purists. This applies to the shoes that they wear. They don’t want the latest materials. They want the tried and tested leather.

This also means that price is not really an issue. If you’re willing to invest in an amazing pair of leather golf shoes, you have to check out the ECCO Men’s Luxe Golf Shoe.

It’s a pair that mixes tradition with the latest in golf shoes technology, making it the flagship under this line. Here are its highlights.


  • It’s made of 100% Hydromax Classic leather.
  • It has a synthetic sole.
  • It has a direct injected PU midsole.
  • It has a TPU outsole.
  • It has a holed leather lining.
  • You can remove the leather inlay sole if needed.
  • It has Champ SLIM LOK and ZARMA spikes.
Pros Cons
It looks really rich and amazing. It’s not for everyone.
It’s water-resistant.  
Its construction makes it durable.  
It’s very comfortable thanks to its Hydromax Classic leather technology.  
The spikes help make your swings more stable. In case you missed it, learn about compressing the ball with your irons in this post.  
Removing the inlay sole provides you with more width if needed.  

Best Senior Golf Shoes around $100

We get it. There are some people, including seniors, that don’t want to spend a lot of money on golf shoes. It seems that a lot of them have $100 as the magic number, and there are a lot of good options around this price starting with the Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe.

The price varies from around $70 to $150 depending on the size. That price range is surprising considering the following highlights.


  • It has a good mixture of leather and synthetic materials.
  • It features the Resamax cushioned insole.
  • It features the proprietary H2GO Shield technology by Skechers.
  • It’s spikeless.
Pros Cons
It’s very comfortable. Some people had troubles with sizing.
It responds well even with the most aggressive of swings. Speaking of swings, check out this post on the best drivers for a senior golfer.  
It’s spikeless but provides amazing traction.  
It’s waterproof.  
It’s lightweight.  

Best Golf Shoes for Senior Women

best golf shoes for senior women

Senior women want a beautiful and high-performing pair of shoes too!

A lot of senior women feel that their needs and wants in a golf shoe have been forgotten. Forget that mentality and check out the adidas Women’s W Response Light-W.

This pair is designed with women in mind. Yes, senior women included. Women’s feet are different than men’s. This means that shoes have to consider this fact to ensure comfort and top-notch performance.

These highlights should convince you that this is worth checking out if you’re a senior woman on the hunt for your next pair of golf shoes.


  • It’s made of 100% mesh leather.
  • It has a sole made of rubber.
  • The upper is synthetic.
  • Its insole features the cloudfoam technology of adidas.
  • Its outsole has the 6-spike thintech technology complemented by adiwear technology.
  • Its forefoot is now made to be wider.
Pros Cons
It comes in 2 women-friendly colorways. While not really a big deal, the tongue is deemed too long by some golfers.
It has a water-resistant upper.  
It’s lightweight.  
It has amazing cushioning.  
It’s very comfortable.  
Its outsole features top-notch traction.  
The wider forefoot improves the fit and feel.  

As you can see, you have a lot of options for a pair of golf shoes. Make sure to check them out to see which one is the best one for you!

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