Compress the Golf Ball for Great Ball Striking

If you are not compressing the ball correctly, you may be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: Trap the golf ball

1. Your impact feels “mushy.”
2. You can’t get your short or mid irons to produce spin on the golf ball
3. You are a club shorter than your golfing partners

All great iron players have one thing in common, they compress down on the ball at impact and take a divot after they hit the ball. Are you taking a divot after you hit the ball with your irons? If not, how would you rate your abilities as a ball striker?

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Of course, not all divots are equal. Many high handicap golfers take divots that are too deep which is due to a swing that comes in too steeply. And we all know that the divot taken before hitting the golf ball is automatic death to your ball flight.

Great ball strikers take divots that are long and shallow. These divots are a result of a descending compression of the ball but at a shallower, or flatter angle.

There are 2 major factors to work on to become a great ball striker.

Number 1. Make a flatter swing plane.
And do you know the number one reason for golfers swing planes being too steep? Coming over the top. Coming over the top is when you start your backswing with your upper body turning, or hands moving, before your hips turn. The result is an outside to inside swing path and a slice or pull golf shot.

Number 2. By far the biggest factor is flipping the wrists through the impact position.
I have known some old guys through the years that “get away” with flipping the wrists and have the ability to pick the ball cleanly off the turf. However, even if you have the ability to pick the ball cleanly off of the turf, you are losing a lot of distance and the advantages of putting spin on your golf shots.

There are several reasons for losing distance if you flip your wrists at the ball. However, instead of going into them you can check yourself by doing the “swoosh drill.”

Swoosh Drill
To perform the swoosh drill take a mid-iron and hold it upside down. Grip the golf club at the bottom of the shaft with the club face close to your belly and the grip out in front of you (where the club face would normally be).

Holding the club this way, take your normal golf swing(be aggressive). Listen for the part of your swing in which the club makes the loudest “swoosh” sound. This is your point of peak acceleration. You want to hear the loudest “swoosh” past the impact position where you normally hit the ball.

I have found that for golfers that flip the wrists, the swoosh sound is heard as the club passes the back leg, before they would normally hit the ball.

In other words, golfers that flip their wrists, hit their peak swing speed before they hit the ball and decelerate the swing into the impact position = lose of power!

That is just swing speed. You also have to consider the increased instances of poor golf contact and reduced rate of back spin. The less backspin you produce on a golf shot, the more the ball will curve to the right or to the left. That is why it is easier to hit a 9-iron straight than a driver.

I have previously written an article on drills to correct this swing fault. However, I have a much better and easier solution.

The best and fastest way to advance your skills and gain all of the advantages of compressing the golf ball is to hit ball using the Tour Striker.


Tour Striker 7 Iron traing aid for senior golfersThe Tour Striker is a golf iron with a specially designed face. The face only hits balls straight if you come into the impact position with a descending, compression strike on the golf ball.

I use drills all of the time but training this position is so difficult. I guarantee that you will master the impact area of your golf game by using the Tour Striker when you practice…. it is that good!

Tour Striker 7 Iron traing aid for senior golfers


Thanks for Reading!

D. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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