1 Effective Golf Stretch to Improve Your Backswing Turn

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If you are like most senior golfers or golfers over 50, your backswing has been getting shorter and shorter. An abnormally short backswing can have so many consequences in your swing and it is not all limited to loss of distance (although that is a big one).

A short backswing is most commonly associated with loss of distance, and you probably already know how the loss of distance can completely limit you from the golf game you would like to play. It can mean the difference between hitting 6-irons all day, when you would have a lot more fun hitting your approach shots with easy to hit 9 irons.

Aside from distance, your stiff backswing makes it very difficult to sync up your swing with rhythm and timing and it increases your odds of coming over the top of the ball and hitting pulls and slices.

I have written a lot about this in the past, but today I wanted to offer and simple and easy solution. Your busy and don’t have a lot of time for extensive workouts and training sessions. I want to show you a simple and effective flexibility exercise that can make a big difference.

The A Frame Golf Flexibility Exercise

I love golf flexibility exercises that accomplish many things at once. The A Frame stretch will improve the flexibility of your back rotating muscles, hip muscles, shoulder muscles, as well as improving the rotation motion of your thoracic spine (the part of your back that rotates with the golf swing).

The A Frame Golf Stretch Part I:

golf stretches for senior golfers

Setup: Front and Sideview

Setup: Begin in standing with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly to comfort. Hinge forwards at your hips until you can place your arm across your knees as shown. Make sure that you are bending at your hips and your back remains flat.

Golf stretches for golf

Golf Stretch front and side view. Notice flat back.

Action: With your free arm, rotate your back and shoulder until you can point your hand towards the ceiling (as far as you are able). Hold stretch for 30 seconds.

A Frame Golf Stretch Part II
Once you have performed a few repetitions of this stretch, your muscles should be feeling a bit looser. Now that your muscles are loose, it is time to work on the rotation mobility of your spinal joints. Spinal joints are like the chain on your bicycle. They get stiff over time when they are not used and they need to be greased and moved again to regain their motion.

Back flexibility stretches for golf

Setup: Same as in part I

Action: Where as in part I you are asked to hold the stretch for 30 seconds, there is no holding in this motion. You are simply rotating to the top and back to the bottom 20-30 times in a row.

To make sure you are rotating your spine maximally, try to limit how much your knees slide during the motion.  Additionally, if you need more support in this position, you can lean and put your backside against a wall for stability.

Great job! By participating in this stretch, you are making great improvements in your backswing motion to add distance and improve consistency and accuracy by eliminating unnatural limitations in your motion!

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Thanks for reading!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

If you would like to see a video of this stretch, you can visit the Titliest Performance Institute: http://www.mytpi.com/exercises#a-frame_stretch

Joey Atlas Video on A Frame stretch: target=”_blank”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmJwXz6gvBk

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