Looking for The 6 Seniors Golf Balls You Need For Results?

Why is it important to explore golf balls for seniors in this day and age? The basic philosophy behind golf balls hasn’t changed in a long time.

I just love it when someone starts asking me about golf balls. “I want a ball that goes far…oh, and it has to be soft enough for my feely wedge shots…and a low spin rate so my slice stays in play…oh, and it has to be cheap”. Time for a reality check, maybe?

Identifying Your Needs While Evaluating Your Skills

The fact of the matter is that as we age, we cannot swing the club as fast as we used to. Obviously this dictates what type of equipment we should be using. There is no sense trying to hit a Titleist Pro V1X, which is a ball geared for golfers with a faster swing speed, if you can’t swing the club that fast…unless they’re free of course. Did I say that out loud?

Do you want to try to milk another 10 yards out of your tee game? If so, go to a harder golf ball and sacrifice some feel. If your short game is your strength and you want to get more consistent in this area, then perhaps you should use a softer ball for better feel around the greens.

It truly amazes me  where golf ball technology has gone in the last 20 years. There was a time in the late 1990’s when NASA engineers were losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Callaway was the first golf company to take advantage of this influx of aeronautical engineers into the work force. WOW!!

Now we have golf balls that fly so far, that most of the traditional golf courses are not long enough to hold PGA Tour events. I remember when I was younger, and a golf enthusiast, my favorite player, Jack Nicklaus would hit the ball 280 yards and be near the longest hitters on tour. Now, most players hit their fairway woods that far! So, how does that translate into identifying what golf ball you should use this year?

What Is New In The Best Golf Balls For 2016…

1 Callaway

Chrome Soft is changing from a three piece to a four piece construction and also changing the core. This is a ball that increases ball speed, and is low compression as well. It will reduce spin with your driver, while at the same time the low compression will allow the player to compress the ball at slower swing speeds, making it easier to spin your wedges. The new cover is also scuff and stain resistant.
The Callaway Superhot 55 is a ball that will give you more distance and straighter shots. It is also a low compression ball, which gives it a soft feel with its aerodynamic design with less drag and optimized lift.

It is indeed rare that a ball engineered to be straight and long, keeping the ball in the air for strong flight when you use your woods all the way to your short irons and also having such a soft feel.

It is a three piece ball with a new surlyn cover that keeps the ball in the air longer (due to one of those NASA engineers I mentioned earlier).

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2) Bridgestone

The Bridgestone B330RX has been redesigned for 2016. It’s Armatour core is 28% softer than the average tour ball core. Their new cover claims something that is nothing less than a marvel of technology. This ball will spin even from the thick rough!

In addition, it’s re designed SlipRes cover offers the highest friction coefficient rating possible for giving maximum greenside spin plus reduced spin off the driver for longer distance.

The B330RX is self repairing for longer playability. What did I say about NASA engineers? This is an accurate, long and soft. It is indeed a ball for discerning players.

best compression golf ball for seniors and older golfers


3) Nike RZN

Nike RZN has four new models for 2016. RZN Tour Black and RZN Tour Platinum are a four piece design.

The Black is for limited spin, while the Platinum gives a bit more spin. New design core is slightly larger enabling faster ball speed, while the lower compression gives a softer feel.

These two balls are geared toward a more rounded player. They may not be available on Amazon until mid season.

Nike RZN Speed Red and RZN Speed White are a three piece design, and a lower compression than either of the Tour models. This is better for slower swing speeds. The Red will carry farther while the White feels softer. They may not all be available on Amazon until mid season.

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4) Titleist

NXT Tour has a much larger inner core plus a firm outer core. The benefit is longer and straighter with the longer clubs, while the cover gives feel on the shorter shots. While the NXT Tour is longer than last year, the ball is softer than the model it replaces.
NXT Tour S Velocity, like the NXT Tour is redesigned in the even years (2012, 2014 and 2016). It’s larger core is faster and softer than it’s predecessor. It is engineered for a higher launch to come down soft, like a butterfly with slippers.

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5) TaylorMade

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred for 2016 is a four layered ball that is significantly softer than last year’s model. The change being a softer feel without giving up distance.

TaylorMade say “even more greenside control for the most control of any tour ball they have made before”. The cover is designed with Soft Tech cast urethane for increased control around the green along with its 5 piece construction.
Tour Preferred X is a five layer construction. It has a slightly higher compression (87 vs. 80) giving it a firmer feel. The X model is geared towards a lower ball flight and less spin with the long iron shots. The X model has a cast urethane cover that is extremely soft and a bit thicker than last year’s ball.
Project (a) model is perfect for the recreational golfer. This year’s changes feature a lower compression of 70, whereas last year it was 88. The core is softer, meaning lower spin with the driver, thus more distance. It has the same performance cover as the Tour models, giving more spin on your approach shots.

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6) Srixon

The Srixon AD333 Tour is still a ball that requires a high swing speed. This year’s changes feature a proprietary core with lower compression (5 points), adding to distance and softer feel.

It is a three piece ball with a soft urethane cover that is 21% softer than the previous AD333 Tour. It boasts SpinSkin technology to improve short game feel as well. The dimple pattern has changed as well to maximize distance.

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Wrap Up Of The 6 Most Popular Golf Balls For Senior Golfers…

These are reviews of what is new from the six most popular golf ball manufacturers in the golf industry today. Does it answer the question of what golf ball is best for senior golfers? Well, it may, or it may not.

In my opinion, golf ball technology has gone as far as it can. Sure, every year someone comes out with a ball that they claim will revolutionize the game, especially when it comes to golf balls. Why is that? I’ll tell you. Golf balls are considered consumables.

What that means is, we will forever be spending money on buying golf balls. Balls are not like clubs or bags. We buy new golf balls regularly. In the United States alone, golfers lost some 300 million golf balls in 2015. That’s a 3 with 8 zeroes!!

How I Choose A Ball

When I first started playing golf, the only time I played new balls is when I won a sleeve at a tournament, or received some as a gift. I would cherish those balls and search for what seemed like hours if I happened to hit one in the woods. It didn’t matter what kind they were. They were free. When I lost those, I would go back to playing balls that I had found.

When I finally started to actually take notice of what ball I preferred, my choice revolved around distance. I wanted to hit it as far as I could. My first choice was a Pinnacle Black. It was hard as a rock. If it was cold and you mishit it, your hands would sting for the rest of the day. But it didn’t matter, because it went far.

As I Became  A Better Player…

As I became a better player, I changed balls many times. I can remember using; Wilson Staff Titanium, Maxfli MD, Strata Green, Precept Laddie (not Lady), Titleist ProV1, Volvik Crystal and even Topflite XL. There was only one constant with every ball I used over the years. It was round.

Today, my swing is a bit outside in, which puts some left to right spin on the ball. So, rather than fight it, I use a low spin ball that minimizes my fade. (it is not a slice!!) Sure it doesn’t meet my standards around the green, but, I would rather be making a two putt for a par than a one putt for a bogey.

Which Category Do You Fit Into…?

In the following section, I am going to ask you to insert yourself into one of the categories of golfer. From there, choose one of the balls I recommend you play from the new offerings for 2016.

1. Slower swing speed, straight off the tee, good short game
2. Slower swing speed, slice or hook off the tee, good short game
3. Slower swing speed, slice or hook off the tee, poor short game
4. Slower swing speed, straight off the tee, poor short game
5. Faster swing speed, straight off the tee, good short game
6. Faster swing speed, slice or hook off the tee, good short game
7. Faster swing speed, slice or hook off the tee, poor short game
8. Faster swing speed, straight off the tee, poor short game


Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

Bridgestone B330

TaylorMade Tour Preferred

Taylor Made Project (a)

Titleist NXT Tour

Nike RZN Speed Red

Callaway Superhot 55

4. Nike RZN Speed White

Titleist Velocity

Titleist ProV1X

Taylor Made Tour Preferred Tour X

6. Bridgestone B330

Callaway Superhot 55

7. Nike RZN Tour Black

Titleist NXT Tour

8. Titleist ProV1X

Bridgestone B330

All of these are good choices when it comes to golf balls for seniors. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. I have found that it takes a few rounds when evaluating a change in golf balls. Keep track of things like; overall distance, accuracy with approach shots, getting up and down from around the green and number of putts taken. If after a few rounds you think another ball might suit you, move on to Plan B.

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