Golf Exercise and Golf Stretching Leads to an Enjoyable Retirement!

I thought I would share a short little story about my friend Don. Don just turned 103 years old this past March and just recently retired from golf!

Great retirement golf

We had a little fun by comparing my driver to the persimmon driver he used to use when he was in his prime.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that he was a scratch golfer with those old persimmon woods! It really is amazing how good those golfers played with the equipment that they were using.

Titliest Driver compared to old persimmon
Changes in golf technologyIMG_0294

I asked Don, how he was able to play golf for so long. After all, he was still playing golf when most of his friends had already passed away!

Basically, Don told me that he had been pretty active all of his life. He would faithfully perform his calisthenic exercises even when people were telling him that exercise was bad for his golf game. Even today, Don continues to stretch and do light calisthenics daily.

He is currently exercising so he can be healthy enough to mow his lawn with a push mower this summer!

Of course, genetics have a lot do with it. The most recent research indicates that most people can continue to active and healthy into their mid-eighties if they take care of their body.

Unfortunately, most people age faster than they should because they do not take care of their bodies.

How You Can Stay Young
Don had a more fluid swing in his late 80’s than many golfers do in their early 60’s. The unfortunate thing is that by the time these golfers get into their 70’s, they are spending their days alternating between taking naps and watching TV because they are no longer physically able to enjoy golf. I kind of feel like they “get old” before their time.

Unfortunately, once a golfer gets to this age and realizes that they have jeopardized their quality of life, the body is too old to make a significant change. Once again, prevention is so much easier.

More people neglect their health than take care of it. But I hope you are inspired by Don’s story and take the proactive step to ensure your body is able to healthy enough to allow you to have an enjoyable retirement and play great golf.

Age Defying Golf Solutions
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Don’t allow “age” to ruin your fun!!

We want you to enjoy the game a golf for years to come.

Thanks for reading!!!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

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