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The other day I was reviewing the statistics for our website and was surprised to learn that over 50% of the visitors to Age Defying Golf are accessing our site using a tablet instead of a desktop computer.

I was afraid of this. I was afraid because our website is not optimized for tablet users. So I apologize if you are viewing this article on a tablet and the format looks funny. We are working on it!

Tablet use among your generation, the Baby Boomers, is a on the rise. Over the past 6 months I have helped a lot of people learn how to use these devices.

It can be very frustrating!!!

Although I am familiar with their use, I am in now way an expert and definitely NOT the most patient teacher. So I began to look for a resource to provide people that would learning to use the I Pad easy and fun.

I really found a great resource, so I wanted to share it with you. The site is called Tablet Training… Click Here! to read more.

About Tablet Training
The video’s are short and very well illustrated. Of course, after people were frustrated with my instructions on how to use the iPad, I was jealous of how easily and enjoyable they reported using these video guides were.

Oh well! Like my uncle always tells me, “A man has GOT to know his limitations!” (he really does tell me that)

Teaching technology is mine! So I am sticking with golf.

If you are looking to enjoy and get the most out of your iPad, you should read more about this resource, Click Here!

By the way, this is a very trusted website and the offer is rock solid..you can trust me on that.


Dr Ryan York, DPT CGS

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