Guide to Pain-Free Golf

Discover how you can avoid costly surgery, painful rehab,and save 100’s of dollars on medical costs while playing the game you love

pain free golf
The Guide to Pain-Free Golf is a comprehensive e-book written by physical therapists that will give you the answers to avoiding and/or recovering from injury and getting back to playing great golf.

If you have ever experienced and had to recover from a major injury or surgery, you know the intense pain of BOREDOM. The irritating sensation of “going stir crazy.”

For you, the Golfer over 50, pain and injury are major threats to your golfing lifestyle. Back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip injuries and surgeries ruin a relaxing and enjoyable retirement plan.


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If you are lucky enough to continue playing golf, your game may be a shadow of it once was. Consisting now of feeble drives, inconsistency, and frustrating rounds of golf, your enjoyment from the game you love is forever depressed.


Instead of enjoying golf, the grand retirement that you worked so hard for, may consist more of puttering around the house, completing “honey do’s”, and occasional lunch at the golf course to catch up with your old golfing buddies who are still active and enjoying the game.


Unfortunately, this is not a made up story. As a practicing physical therapist and golf performance specialist, I hear these stories much too often. In fact, all of the time. Many times I hear them too late, when the damage has been done, unattended to for so long that it it is very difficult to change.


We don’t want this story to be your story!

  • We want to hear more stories of golfers, like you, living out full lives in their retirement.
  • Still competing with the “morning golf crew” and playing golf with your kids and your GRANDKIDS
  • Telling your golf and fishing stories over drinks after your fantastic day on the golf course.
  • Palling around with friends and having fun every day!
  • Taking memorable vacations and playing some of the best and most beautiful golf courses around the world.


We want to hear you to say,

“I worked really hard all my life. But, you know what, it was worth it! I get to enjoy leisurely golf whenever I want to!!!”

The Guide To Painfree Golf from Age Defying Golf is designed to change your retirement story.


We offer solutions to eradicate pain, avoid costly and painful surgeries, avoid repeat surgeries, and to avoid injuries that arise from regular golfing.

The solutions provided in this book, arise from the combined experience and practice of top physical therapists over decades of patient care and rehabilitation.

Surgery is expensive, rehab is painful and time consuming, but laying on the couch for several months of beautiful sunshine is downright depressing.


Surgery will:

golf injuries

  • Cost in excess of $15,000 or hundreds in copay dollars
  • Take 3 months or more to recover from
  • Require taking narcotic drugs for pain
  • Lead to 3 months or more of intensive physical therapy costing you several hundred dollars of copay and 30-40 hours of your time.
  • Permanently harm your golf game
  • …..lead to MORE SURGERY!!!!

We want you to avoid surgery! We don’t want you dependent on narcotic medications to deal with pain! And we don’t want you to retire from golf for the rest of your life!


The Guide to Pain Free Golf

Keep Reading to Discover How You Can
Avoid that Pain on a Zero Risk Basis!!!

If you have already had surgery, we offer you a program to insure that you will never have to endure a follow up surgery.



golf exercises

Only 26 to 41% of people who have back surgery can expect to have the pain resolved !! 2 back surgeries? Your chances drop by another 50%!!


But what if you have already had back surgery? We work to stabilize the spine and maximize pain-free range of motion to reduce your risk of additional surgeries and to increase your chances of playing pain-free golf.

What about shoulders, knees, hips, and neck? Yes, we have solutions for that to.Arthritic knee and golf

The Guide to Pain-Free Golf is a collaborative effort from Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS and Dr. Chad Edwards DPT CGS. Both have received their doctorate in physical therapy and are practicing physical therapists with years of experience in orthopedic care with specialties in golf rehab.

Every week, golfers and patient pay us hundreds of dollars to be treated with the same programs that are available to you in this easy to follow book.


Here is what you get:

  • Over 100 illustrations with detailed explanations of effective and easy to follow treatments
  • Activities and/or motions you need to avoid to prevent your issue from becoming a chronic/long term problem
  • Red Flags: signs or symptoms that you need to see a Medical Doctor ASAP
  • Questions and issues you need to discuss with your surgeon before you agree to surgery
  • The Joint Friendly Golf Swing for golfers with moderate to severe arthritis

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Back pain and golf“After my second back surgery in the last 10 years, at age 62, I didn’t know if I would ever play golf again. But thanks to Age Defying Golf, I am now playing some of the best golf of my life. For the first time in a long while I am playing “pain free”…..”[/ez_box]


If you have read this far, you are likely brainstorming all of the ideas and reasons why you should not buy this book.

1. Maybe you are thinking, “…the pain is not that bad, I can put it off. Maybe it will just go away.” If you are thinking this, chances are you’re a guy.

In my practice with physical therapy, we have an equal split of male and female patients. However, the difference is the pain and severity of the issues we see are much, MUCH worse with men. Hey! I’m a man, I know the thought process.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that “it will probably go away on its own, it’s a hassle to deal with, I can play through it, its not that bad, I DON’T NEED ANYONES HELP.”

The reason my male patients have more severe physical problems than women is because they don’t deal with the issue when it is small and fixable.

The cost of this whole book is less than 1 copay payment to your doctor or therapist. You can solve the problem before it becomes a big problem. Before you need to have surgery or have to stop golfing for months at a time…before you have to pay a lot of money!


2. “…it probably won’t work for me.”
I usually don’t hear this objection in the clinic but it comes up a lot on the internet. Maybe it is because you don’t know me that well yet.

However, the methods that I teach in this book are the same exact methods I have and continue to use in my own clinic.

Insurance companies pay big bucks for their clients to see me for these methods because they have been researched and rigorously tested…they work. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have paid $150,000 for my education and I wouldn’t have a job!

3. “…I probably won’t stick to a program.”
Whether or not you are able to stick to a 10 min a day program or not really depends on your motivation.


Is it worth it to you?

Well, lets look at the alternative. Is it worth being able to continue playing golf? Is it worth avoiding a 2-3 month commitment and copays to a physical therapy clinic? And is it worth avoiding having to go through the time, pain, and risk of major surgery?


I am guessing that it is worth it. I have seen the alternatives and, believe me, they are not fun.


The Guide to Pain Free Golf Gives Solutions for:


Osteoarthritis and Golf

  • When to use Ice or heat.
  • Strategies to control/limit the pain without surgery.
  • Strategies to prevent or reduce flare ups.
  • The right and wrong ways to exercise with arthritis.
  • Surgical options for arthritic knees and hips.

Back Pain/Injury

  • Signs and symptoms to be aware of that warrant a trip to the emergency room.
  • Signs and symptoms that warrant a next day visit to your doctor or to a specialist.
  • When to seek advice from a physical therapist vs a chiropractor.
  • What you need to know about and how to assess and/or correct your posture.
  • Identify if your back is too stiff or to mobile and how to correct it.
  • How to develop true core stability.
  • Why a “disc bulge” is almost always mis-diagnosed and how to identify a real disc bulge and correct it.
  • How to identify and treat sciatica.
  • Treatments and illustrations for each issue to keep you out of the hospital.

Neck and Upper Back Pain

  • Signs and symptoms to be aware of that warrant a trip to the emergency room.
  • Signs and symptoms that warrant a next day visit to your doctor.
  • When to seek advice from a physical therapist vs a chiropractor.
  • How to correct posture creating neck pain/headaches.
  • Identifying and treating thoracic outlet syndrome causing pinched nerves, numbness, pain,and headaches.

Shoulder Pain/Injury

  • Identifying when shoulder pain is caused by a neck problem.
  • Identifying when shoulder pain is caused by internal organs and other sources.
  • Methods to identify and fix a bad rotator cuff, shoulder impingement syndrome, shoulder subluxations, AC joint sprains/strains, biceps tendonitis.
  • Reason why you probably don’t have a frozen shoulder.
  • True frozen shoulder and how to treat it.
  • When surgery may be your only option.

Wrist and Hand Pain/Injuries

  • Find out how to identify if you have and fix a DeQuarvain’s syndrome.
  • Hook of the hamate fracture (common in golfers)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfers elbow
  • Nerve impingements causing pain/numbness and tingling.

Developing Balance for Golf

  • Identify if your balance is killing the stability of your golf swing and learn how to fix it.

There is not a pain, injury or physical issue that we do not cover. Our index will help you quickly identify where you can look to solve your pain effectively.



Here is Our Offer

A typical patient with back pain will come into my clinic for 2-3x’s per week for a couple of months. We charge $75/hour, so a typical patient will pay between $1,200 to $1,800 for this service.

If they have good insurance and have met their deductible (big if), they will pay us between $400 to $900 depending on their copay requirements.

If you think that is expensive, add on another $50,000 for the cost of surgery.

People pay this all of the time! It is not uncommon for a physical therapist to see 60 patients every week. We are busy and would welcome your business too!

But today we are not going to charge you even $400! Not $200! Not even $100 for the guidebook we use everyday in clinic.

For the last 2 years we charged $19.27. But we have just signed a huge distribution deal with that helped us temporarily drop the price lower.


    You can now get the COMPLETE Guide to Pain Free golf for:

only 4.99…less than the cost of a copay pack of golf balls!

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For the same price as a couple used golf balls, you can avoid surgery, painful rehab and insure a lifetime of enjoyable golf.

What are you waiting for??

Do it now, before your the surgeon tells you that surgery is the only option. Before the damage knocks you out of the game you love for the rest of your life!

Pain free golf

exercises for golf

golf injuries


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