Hale Irwin: What’s in the Bag?

A lot of the younger golfers these days are not familiar with Hale Irwin. But if you’ve been an avid golfer during the 70s and 80s, there’s a very good chance that you’re familiar with this legend. After all, he was among the best golfers during those decades.

About Hale Irwin

He’s an American golfer who traces his roots to Missouri. He started in the sport really early, picking up a club at the tender age of 4. While most senior golfers dream of one day breaking 70, he did so when he was 14 years old.

This was a sign of great things to come. He first tasted victory when he won the NCAA Division I Championship as an amateur. He then turned pro and racked up a string of 83 professional wins, including 20 PGA Tour wins. He’s one of the most decorated golfers on the tour.

His fans are more proud of his more exclusive accomplishments. For starters, he has an accomplishment that very few golfers can boast of. Along with just a handful of pros, Hale Irwin is one of the few to have won the US Open thrice. He last won this in 1990  when he was 45 years old, making him the oldest ever to win that tournament.

He’s probably best known for the “Massacre at Wingfoot” during the 1974 US Open. It was his first US Open win, but it wasn’t pretty. He scored a total of 287 for a +7. Obviously, the losers didn’t fare any better. Hence, the name.

Did you know that there are only 5 golfers in the sport’s history to have won an official tournament in all continents (6 of them) where golf is played? The short list includes Justin Rose, Gary Player, Bernhard Langer, David Graham and yes, Hale Irwin. His success around the world probably gave him the inspiration and experience to become a golf course architect.

He has a lot of senior fans because of his success at the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors. In fact, he’s more successful here. He’s considered to be the most successful at this tour with 45 wins and more than $26 million in winnings.

But still, he continues to work on his game, something that we can learn from.

What Does Hale Irwin Use?

hale irwin

What’s in his golf bag?

So what’s in his golf bag? Not a lot is known about what’s in his golf bag because he’s notorious for his love and hate relationship with his clubs. He may use a new set for a round or two if he hates what he’s been using, but he’ll soon go back to his tried and tested clubs.

TaylorMade R1 Tour adjustable driver

TaylorMade R1 Tour adjustable driver

TaylorMade R1 Tour adjustable driver

You’d probably wonder what’s on the mind of the designer when you first see this. An improvement to the R11 when it comes to feel, it also has a distinct sound upon impact that takes some getting used to. It’s a high-pitched but solid sound that tells people around you that it was a solid hit – something that Irwin got used to.

TaylorMade r7 Quad 9.5 degrees

TaylorMade r7 Quad 9.5 degrees

He’s also used the TaylorMade r7 Quad 9.5 degrees. He used it when he won the 2007 MasterCard Championship.

14-degree TaylorMade fairway metal

He uses this with the TaylorMade 2-hybrid. He utilizes them as if they’re a 5 wood in order to maximize their use. They don’t hit as long as a 5 wood, but he’s adjusted to that fact. When he uses a 5 wood, he sometimes uses the TaylorMade 200 Tour 17 degrees.

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TaylorMade RAC LT Irons

TaylorMade RAC LT Irons

TaylorMade RAC LT Irons

He also used this set (3 to PW) when he won the 2007 MasterCard Championship.

TaylorMade wedges

He uses 3 of them with degrees of 48, 56 and 58. He’s acknowledged the difference between the head and the shaft and this is why he loads them up with a little tape. They end up with a swing weight of D3 of even D4.

TaylorMade Rossa

He’s pretty proud of this putter of his. It’s specifically customized for him. In the 2007 MasterCard Championship, this putter waxed hot with a 25 putt a round average. He considers it a good putter, although he’s been experimenting with its length.

As you can see, Hale Irwin is a TaylorMade guy. He even uses the TaylorMade TP Red golf ball.

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