Why are Houses Easier to Hit Than Fairways?

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If you owned a home on a golf course, how many times would you expect to be pelted with a golf ball? 10 times, 50 times?

Try 900 strikes from the little white missiles!

Window, siding and roof damage climbing into the the thousand dollars for repairs. That is the nightmare that this family is facing in Erie.

Why don’t they put up a net? I wondered the same thing. But this HOA that is on a golf course, does not allow nets to protect the pricey homes residing here!

How about home owners insurance? Ya, they are covered. But they have to file a claim each time they are hit with a golf ball. How many claims could you file before your insurance companies drops your policy? I bet it might be less than 900 claims!

Every few years I get the itch to buy a home on the golf course but my wife always says no because she does not want strangers walking around our house all of the time. I guess I won’t ask anymore!

Have you had any damage to your home from golf balls? Did your insurance policy cover it or did you pay out of pocket? How about this: ever have a golfer come to your door and take responsibility for the damage?? We want to know about it. Comment on our Facebook page by clicking here: Facebook.

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