How to Create the Whip in Your Golf Swing: Solution #12

An incredibly important factor in distance is the position of your pelvis as you move into your backswing and as you move through impact to your follow through.

To understand this point, go ahead and get into your address position.

Now imagine that a very sharp knife is pointing at you about an inch below your belly button. The idea is to take your back swing and follow through without touching the knife with your pelvic area.

Hip Rotation in the golf swing
Research and common sense tells us that we can generate much more force if we rotate around an axis without moving that axis towards or away from the ball (think of the difference between throwing a baseball like a baseball player vs throwing it like a shot putter).

This creates a whip like motion with your arms and the golf club…very powerful.

Also, when you swing in this manner, you should feel the proper weight shift pattern to your right heel during your backswing and to your left heel when you follow through.

If you feel that you are on your toes, that knife is definitely going to stick you, and your swing is inefficient and will cost you distance.

I have to mention that approximately 90-99% of amateur golfers over 50 tend to have this swing fault. Why? Most of these faults are the results of never being taught the correct move and overswinging.

However, hip flexibility can again be blamed for faulty mechanics.

If you are not able to internally rotate your hips to 55 degrees, the tightness of your hips will kick your body weight forwards as you rotate to you backswing and again to your follow through.

Fitness Fixes

If your hips are too tight, and if you are over 50 you can almost bet on it, your hips will kick you forward instead of letting you rotate tightly for power. Improve hip flexibility:

Begin in standing, holding a golf club at both hands.

Take a step forwards with your left leg, then rotate your arms and golf club around your body to the left.

Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat with the right leg forward, rotating around to the right.

Pro Fixes

On the driving range, you can practice by sticking an old golf club shaft into the ground.
You want the shaft to stick straight up with the shaft 1” in front of your belt buckle when you are in the address position. From here, take some practice swings and then hit some balls without allowing your body to touch the golf shaft.

Golf Drill with Golf Shaft
One key to remember here is that this is a difficult move to train, so come with a lot of patience. And whatever you do, DO NOT think about this when you are playing golf. Instead, train to engrain neuromuscular recruitment and movement patterns by correctly applying the exercises in this program.

Training Aid Fixes

If you are serious about correcting this swing fault, I highly recommend The BenderStik as a training aid. It’s basically a big yellow ball at the end of a long golf like shaft that you can bend into positions to help you train.

Just set it up like the picture below. Make swings and do not allow your body to touch the ball.
The Bender Stik golf trainer

The Benderstik is good for a lot of drills besides this one.

Thanks for Reading!!

Dr Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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