Jack Nicklaus: What’s in the Bag

Ah, Jack Nicklaus. His name is almost synonymous with the word golf, and for good reason. He has served as a very good ambassador for the sport especially for seniors. This is why he’s been featured in the best golfing magazines for seniors. In fact, a lot of people, both fans and experts, consider him to be the best golfer of all time. Even other professional golfers like Tiger Woods consider him to be the barometer. Even Tiger has a 10-year plan to move past Jack Nicklaus and surpass his accomplishments.

About Jack Nicklaus

Also known as The Golden Bear, the now retired golfer has amassed a long list of accomplishments in a 25-year career. In fact, he holds the record for most major championships with 18. Tiger Woods is a close second with 15.

He’s been known to focus on the majors namely the US Open, Masters Tournament, PGA Championship and Open Championship. In fact, he has played in 164 of them. This is more than any player in history. He did compete in select PGA Tour matches, wherein he notched 73 wins. Even if he didn’t really focus on these events, his 73 wins is 3rd of all time.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is known for his steady putting.

He’s been winning tournaments dating back to his US Amateur years when he won the US Amateur tournaments in 1959 and 1961. He finished second behind Arnold Palmer in 1960, finishing behind by just two strokes. He got his revenge against Palmer when he beat him at the US Open in 1962 by three strokes. This is a year after he turned pro when he was 21 years old. This started a rivalry of sorts between the two.

Here are some of his notable accomplishments:

  • He was the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament back to back when he won in 1955 and 1956.
  • In addition to the Masters Tournament that he won in 1956, he also conquered The Open Championship in the same year. This completes the grand slam for his career. He was 26 years old then, making him the youngest at that time to achieve such a feat.
  • He also won more grand slams, completing double and triple grand slams.
  • He won his 18th major championship at the Masters Tournament in 1986. He was 46 years old then, making him the oldest to win the tournament.
  • He reluctantly entered the Senior PGA Tour. But still, he racked up wins starting with three The Tradition wins. He has won all senior major tournaments with the exception of the Senior Open Championship.

Nowadays, he’s still involved in the world of golf as he runs one of the best golf course design companies in the world.

What does Jack Nicklaus Use?

Being considered as the best golfer of all time, it’s natural that a lot of golfers want to know what’s in his bag. This is especially true among senior golfers.

He’s known to be traditional in his choice of golf clubs. He had what they call the Famous Five.

MacGregor Tommy Armour SS1W Eye-O-Matic 60 Driver

This was a very popular choice of driver for professional golfers during the 50s and Nicklaus wasn’t an exception. He chose this driver because of its impressive grip. Its medium-deep face also helped.

It was in this era when golfers stay loyal to clubs that work for them. He used and abused it during the 60s, taking home tournament wins along the way. It’s probably best known for when Nicklaus used it to win a contest for the longest drive in the PGA Championship of 1963 with an impressive 341 yards.

Here’s the club in action now.

MacGregor Tommy Armour 945W Driver

He made the switched to this driver and used it from 1976 to 1990. He considers it his favorite and it repaid his favoritism with some of his most memorable wins. These include the 1986 Masters.

MacGregor Limited Edition Irons

His set of irons is another proof that he doesn’t really like change when it comes to his clubs. He played with this set for pretty much the whole of his career. He simply changed the shafts to Dynamic S and Dynamic Gold X100 as soon as they came around.

White Fang Putter

This is what he used to conquer the 1967 US Open. It’s actually a Bulls Eye putter named as such because it was painted white. He painted it white not for aesthetic purposes, but actually to reduce the glare.

MacGregor Response Putter

This is what he used in the 1986 Masters. It captured the attention of viewers for looking clunky, but obviously it worked.

While you can’t use these golf clubs anymore these days, you can learn from his choice of golf clubs. Find what works for you and stick to it. Just make sure to get the best golf bags for seniors!

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