Long Shots: Top Tips and The Best Drivers To Opt For

It doesn’t matter if you’re just picking up the sport or you’ve been playing for decades. Even as a senior golfer, you have to always aim to improve. Of course, one of the most important facets of your game that you want and have to improve is your golf drive. The farther you can hit those golf balls, the better you can be as a golfer. As a bonus, it will make you feel really good hearing those satisfying whacks!

You need to improve your stance, technique and overall style of play. Fortunately for you, we have the tips that can help you improve those things!

Long shot tips with the best driver

Follow these Tips for Longer Shots

These tips will surely add yards to your drives:

  • Keep a light but firm grip.

Yes, you read it right. This actually allows you to improve the speed of the club head and maintain control. Grip firmly with your left hand using the ring and pinkie fingers, with the other fingers provide light support. Your right hand should provide a light grip as well.

  • Solidify your stance.

Widen your stance a little bit. There should be a good width at the beginning of your swing. Watch how Ben Hogan does it.

You can also experiment with raising your left heel on your backswing. This gives you more shoulder turn that can help build up power.

You’ll be surprised at how this tip can add a few yards to your drives. This provides you with a more solid and stable base that allows you to swing the driver faster.

Majority of your body weight should be on your back leg. Switch the weight to your left leg as you swing down by pushing your hips forward and bracing using the same left leg.  This ensures that the focus will be on your front foot.

You should also stand in a way that your right shoulder is tilted higher than your left shoulder.

  • Keep your lead arm straight. 

Keep it straight up to the end of your swing. Practice turning your right hand at the right moment to lengthen your drives.

  • Alternate between a lighter and heavier club when practicing.

The lighter club will help you build speed while the heavier club will help you build those fast twitch muscles for explosive drives.

  • Get stronger in the gym.

This is a good way to build power especially with a good strength training program. This is especially helpful for senior golfers as they lose strength and muscle mass.

Make sure to work on your flexibility as well. Don’t forget to stretch!

Keep your ego aside and just go for a driver with more loft. If PGA Tour players including seniors are using it, why shouldn’t you? Even the powerful Dustin Johnson has 11 degrees on his driver.

The Best Golf Drivers for Longer Drives

Practice the tips above with any of these drivers and be amazed with the results:

  • Callaway XR 16

Callaway Mens XR 16 10.5 degree

The great Joe Miller blasted a 423-yard drive using this driver. While most senior golfers won’t be able to hit that long, this driver’s mixture of lightweight, improved aerodynamics and large club head should add a few dozen yards to your drives. It’s a very forgiving driver.

Don’t be shy to get the version with a 10.5-degree loft, if you don’t want to go with the 13.5 degrees one.

  • TaylorMade 2017 M1

TaylorMade 2017 Mens Driver 460cc

This is an adjustable driver which allows you to experiment until you find your sweet spot. It has a lighter titanium body that allowed the manufacturer to pack mass and heft deep and low. The overall design leads to fewer spins on the ball.

Its lightweight is the key. Made with 43% carbon fiber, you can swing with speed in mind. 

  • Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s King F7 Driver Connect

Cobra 2017 Golf Men's King F7 Driver Connect

It’s a more affordable brand but it doesn’t lack in advancements. It even comes with an app so you can track improvements in your drives. It also allows you to make adjustments so you can find your sweet spot for longer drives.

  • Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Consider this driver if budget is not a concern. Callaway focused on the head speed which shows on how it can add yards to your drives. Add that to its lightweight and you have an explosive driver. Choose the Senior Flex with a 13.5-degree loft and you’ll be hitting your balls high and long.

  • Titleist 917 D3 Driver

Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The weights are adjustable between 8 and 16 grams. Also adjustable, you can choose Top Heavy that gives you additional weight in the heel and toe for accuracy. There’s also the Neutral setting for a deep and low weight designed to make it more forgiving.

Of course, the best way to lengthen your drives is to keep practicing!

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