My #1 Mistake: Power Golf for the Over 50 Golfer: Golf Flexibility

Golf stretches for senior golfers
Does power golf for the golfer over 50 sound like a contradiction in terms? Most golfers over 50 tend to “accept” a loss of power and just settle for depending on hybrids to reach par 4’s in 2 shots. However, increasing golf power is simply a matter of knowing the positions as well as training correctly.

I have written many articles on utilizing the correct positions at different phases of the swing to build a powerful yet effortless swing. Today I want to focus on the biggest mistake I made in the initial phases of Age Defying Golf and how you can utilize that to maximize your power.

My Biggest Mistake
When I formally launched Age Defying Golf in 2008, I thought I produced the greatest golf training program ever put together. Looking back it was an excellent program but I made a HUGE mistake. Initially, my golf clients were making excellent progress eliminating pain and improving their accuracy, ball contact, and lowering their scores.

But one thing was missing. No one, not a single golfer, was improving their power or swing speed.

Working with golfers over 50, their #1 desire was to hit the ball long again and I was failing them. I have found that eliminating pain in golfers is nice, but power is the secret sauce that everyone craves!

The mistake that I built into the program was that I was having golfers lifting and moving too heavy of weight.

At the time (2008), the Momentus Power Hitter was the hottest new training aid on the market. This was basically a weighted driver. I wanted the best results so we purchased the heaviest driver. With our swing training exercises we added the heaviest weight that the golfer could manage because we were equating increased strength with increased power. This was the flaw.

We were using the well known formula that strength + speed = power. This formula works very well in all other athletics but you have to tweak it for golf. A certain level of strength is important for power, but you have to place a much greater emphasis on speed.

In addition, when you are training for speed, using heavy weight will actually train the golfer to swing with a SLOWER swing speed…..not good!

After the Momentus Power Trainer was released, a lot of professional research found that using resistance (or weight) greater than 15% of your swing weight results in a slower swing speed result.

The key is in the 15%. Now my issue was obvious, so we overhauled our program. But not only will adding 15% of resistance add to your swing speed but also training with 15% reduced resistance will add to your swing speed.

What a difference! It took about 3 weeks to see the results but now golfers were pounding the ball! Improving as much as 5 mph (10-15 yards on their driver) in a very short period of time.

Here are a couple of examples that you can use to gain power. These 2 exercises specifically focus on improving your hip speed and power.



Both of these videos were taken from our Signature Golf Program: Age Defying Golf Rx. You can read more about this fantastic program by CLICKING HERE!

Thanks for Reading!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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  1. Bill Courtney September 25, 2017 at 2:37 pm #


    How does this info correlate with using the the orange ball or SKLZ Gold Flex training aid??

    Your info suggests that using this aid (which you have strongly endorsed in prior posts) may result in SLOWER swing speeds???

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