Over 50 golfer? How to Benefit from Golf Training Aids

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The game of golf is full of opinions. Should you hit it high or hit it low, go for the green or lay up, play aggressive or play safe, etc. Yet another issue that inevitably polarizes golfers with an array of opinions is the subject of golf training aids.

Do golf training aids work? Would you be better off with golf lessons or even golf drills.

At Age Defying Golf, and with golfers over 50, we have found them all to be very effective. Of course, there are good training aids based on fundamentals and solid principals of golf and there are gimmicks.

In this article, we are going to review a couple of the reasons that we use training aids, training aids you should avoid, and a few of our favorites.

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From a body motion training perspective, training aids are effective because they utilize various forms of feedback(feel, sound, visual) to engrain correct movement patterns. What is commonly referred to as muscle memory.

The most effective form of feedback to train the body is feel. Feeling the correct plane of motion, feeling the correct release at impact, feeling the correct weight distribution, etc.

But what you need to keep in mind, is that “feel” feedback can be utilized in an effective way and in an ineffective, sometimes harmful, way.

Good use of “feel” feedback.

Training aids effectively train the golfer by feel, when the golfer is forced to use muscle action to correct the swing fault.

For an example, lets take a golfer who is struggling with swaying in the backswing. Most swaying issues in the backswing are caused by the golfers inability to keep their body weight on the inside of their right foot. Instead, they allow their body weight to roll to the outside of the foot.
swaying in the backswing

Some training aids try to correct this swing error by physically forcing a persons weight distribution to be on the inside of their right foot but using some sort of wedge. The golfer is physically unable to roll their weight to the outside of the foot, eliminating swaying so the golfer can feel the correct weight distribution

This is a less then efficient way to train because the device does not train the body to keep the weight on the inside of the foot.

The correct muscles have not been trained to activate in order to correct the fault. Other training aids that use this method include ones that hold your elbows together with a strap, golf swing circles, and braces to keep the left elbow straight.

The best training aides that use “feel” are the ones in which your body has to work harder than normal to perform the correct motion.

Going back to our example, instead of using a training aid that forces the golfer into the correct position, we want a training aid that pushes them towards the incorrect position! The result is hyper training of the correct muscles to do the correct job. They have to work harder. Then when you take the training aid away, it is even easier to correct the swing fault. See the difference?

Training aids that train in this manner include the:

1. Medicus Dual Hinge 260cc Driver Right Handed with Free Putter Trainer

Medicus Golf Club Swing Trainer AidsThe Medicus Driver works to improve all aspects of your swing. You’ll know when you’re swinging correctly because the  Medicus Driver won’t break. It’s a simple and clever invention to help golfers quickly improve their swing technique.

All aspects of your swing from the takeaway, to the downswing and to the follow-through are improved by using and developing your muscle memory. Muscle memory is developed by repeating the perfect swing by using the Medicus Driver. As I mentioned, when the driver doesn’t break, you know you have perfected the swing!

The best thing about this driver is it can be used out on the course, on the range, or at home



2. Tour Striker (2014 NEW VERSION) Golf Club Swing Trainer

Tour Striker 7 IronThe Tour Striker 7 Iron is designed from 433 stainless steel and features a True Temper Uniflex Shaft. This iron works to help you understand how you strike the ball, teaching you how to deliver the golf club correctly to impact the ball with a descending motion.

The forward shaft lean helps you find the center of gravity of the ball with the natural shaft lean of the Tour Striker 7 Iron.

Once your muscle memory has learned how to hit the sweet spot by using the Tour Striker, you can then practice with your favorite clubs.

best training aid for golfers over 50 years old


3. Impact Ball – Golf Swing Trainer Aid – Mens

Impact Ball Large Swing TrainingThe Impact Ball is a funny looking “ball”designed to help golfers develop a feel for swinging the club in the correct manner.

As you have to “clasp” the Impact Ball between your arms to stop chicken wings and flying elbows which cause inconsistencies.

Once you get used to using it, and muscle memory will develop and you’ll soon be striking the ball much more consistently



 4. Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks (2-pack) Team Colors Available

 Golfnsticks "The Top Rated" Golf Alignment SticksThe Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks are used by PGA golf professionals and instructors all around the world.

These are simple fibreglass golf alignment rods which teach you proper alignment so you can hit more Greens and fairways by improving your putting and in turn improving your scores.

They are collapsible, so they fit inside your golf bag. You can practice putting drills, target markers, ball position and alignment and more. There are three sliding grommets which help for ball position, the width of your stands as well is a length of backswing and follow through on putting stroke

There are plenty of drills you can find online at YouTube

Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks

(PS. These are also the training aids we like the best, and nobody is going to look at you like an idiot if you are using them on the range because they are inconspicuous…that’s nice).

Train by Sound
We have found that golf training aids that use audible feedback (sound) to be particularly effective as well. The great benefit that sound has is that it identifies swing errors that you cannot see. For instance, how can you tell if your right knee is losing its bend in the backswing if you are watching the ball? Your eyes are not available for feedback, but your ears are!

We have trained many golfers with these over the years and it is always interesting. We can evaluate the swing and identify a swing error that the golfer just can’t believe is true. Then put a Tac-Tic audible feedback tool on the clicks when the swing error is made and let the training aid do the teaching. It works a lot faster than trying to teach by talking about the swing fault and the correction to be made.

These training aids are also great because you do not have to hit a ball for them to work. You can work on your swing in your backyard for a couple minutes and get a great benefit.

Training aids that train by sound include:

1.Original SwingRite with Standard Black Grip

SwingRite Training Aid


Swingrite Training Aid to help golfers backswing


2.Tac Tic Wrist Over Glove Golf Swing Training Aid Tactic With Instructional Video

Tac Tic Wrist Over Glove Golf Swing Training Aid




3. Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic: Fits Left Or Right Arm

Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

training aids


4.Tac Tic Knee Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic: Helps Reduce Reversed Weight Shift

Tac Tic Knee Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic

4.Tac Tic Knee Golf Swing Tempo Trainer Tactic: For A Solid Flexed Lower body Position

seniors golf aids for leg positioning

Golf Training Aids that All Golfers Must AVOID
Probably the biggest fad training aids that have had the worst impact on golfers in recent years are weighted golf clubs. Touted as power and swing speed builders, these training aids have been prove to DECREASE your swing speed and power.

Research surrounding this topic have found that swinging a golf club that is greater than 15% of the weight of your normal golf club, will decrease your swing speed and you will lose power.

Embarrassingly, I confess to purchasing a weighted driver back in 2007 when we started Age Defying Golf. Not only did I make that mistake, but I exacerbated it by purchasing the heaviest heavy driver available on the market.

Not only did it cause a loss of power, but the extreme weight wreaked havoc on a lot of golf swings before we finally threw it in the garbage can.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. However, you can increase your swing speed by adding up to 15% of the weight of your club to your golf club and you don’t need to spend $100 bucks on a training to do it. Simply tie a small to medium size hand towel around the the bottom of the shaft of the golf club. Simple, easy, effective and my favorite….cheap!

How to increase clubhead speed

Golf Training Aids that All Golfers Must Own
This one is simple. Every golfer needs to own a pair of alignment sticks. The brightly colored ones that stand out even when you are not looking right at them. Alignment is the silent killer of a lot of great golf swings and everyones alignment gets off from time to time.

1. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick




Thanks for reading!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

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