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Age Defying Golf Rx – Our Signature ProgramThis Program Is For You IF….
Age Defying Golf RX

  • You are a golfer between 50-75 plus years young or young.
  • Carry between an 8 – 36 handicap
  • You want to improve flexibility, injury prevention, golf performance
  • You are willing to spend 15 minutes, 3 times per week to play your best golf ever.

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The Stiff Golfers Bible for Instant Results…Without Exercise

  • How your golf setup MUST BE different than a younger golfers if you want to keep up withardbackfronth them
  • The 1 MOVE all stiff golfers need to sync up your golf swing for rhythm and timing on every shot
  • 3 Adjustments to add distance when your back and hips are as stiff as a board
  • And tons more….

Includes $160 in Free Bonuses!

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Age Defying Golf Ez
This Program Is For You IF:Age Defying Golf Ez complete golf fitness solutions for golfers over 50 who suffer from stiffness and pain

  • You are a golfer of any age over 50.
  • You only want the best golf flexibility, strengthening and golf injury prevention available in the world! (NO specific golf performance or speed training included)
  • If you are a 10 handicap or less
  • If you only want to spend 15 minutes, or less,  per week working on your golf body

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Our Newest Book!!

Would You Like To Be Pain Free?

 STOP The Pain Of Arthritis And Move Freely Again?

Pain Free Golf: Solutions for Golfers Over 50

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The Golfing Good Life: Golf Instruction for Golfers Over 50

The Golfing Good Life provides you with every tool you need to play great golf and have fun making your best years truly great.

The Golfing Good Life eBook

 Does stiffness in your  ankles, hips, shoulders and back  make your much loved and enjoyable game of golf painful?

Written by Dr Ryan York who understands intimately the issues and frustrations facing older golfers over 50, he shares with you:
step by step systems to restore your game to peak levels
shares in-depth secrets to help you regain flexibility and strength .

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