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Monday 7pm ET on The Golf Channel

In this article we are going to take a quick look at a senior golf tip presented by Michael Breed of the Golf Fix. Michael is one of my favorite golf instructors and has a show on The Golf Channel every Monday at 7pm ET.

In this tip Michael Breed fields a question from a golfer who is over 50 years old and wanted a tip on increasing distance.

Here is the Senior Golf Tip

Take a Look

If you have ever tried this technique I would love to here about it and how it has worked for you. I have personally never heard of this tip before. Off the bat, I completely disagreed with it and was very skeptical.

However, what you think will happen and what actually happens are often at odds so I took it to the range to work it out.

I have to tell you, I had a horrible experience. I think this is a very poor golf tip and I will tell you why I think it fails.

Lets start from the beginning.

Breed advises that one way to get more power if your body is stiff is to increase the leverage of the wrist to increase the length of the swing…sound argument. The method proposed was to change the grip. See below.

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The Grip on the left is a standard grip. On the right is the modified grip

As you may have read from an article I wrote last month, I have recently taken the plunge and am changing the golf grip that I have used for decades. (If you want to read more about this you can follow this link: Why Most Golfers Won’t Improve Their Swing).

From that experience, I know that changing your grip is the single most difficult adjustment you can make in your golf swing. Your grip is your only connection with the club and any change you make, will throw off your feel in every other aspect of your swing.

And this grip change does feel awkward. It caused me to have more pain in my left wrist and I found it difficult to prevent my left hand grip from sliding back down when I grounded the club.

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Michael Breed also mentions that you may have a tendency to hit the ball to the right. To correct this he suggests making another compensation by rotating your grip to the right, a much stronger grip. If changing your grip in one direction wasn’t awkward enough, you need to make an additional compensation by adjusting your grip again.

I encourage you to try this on your own and hit some balls with. I think you will quickly agree how crazy this golf tip really is.

BUT, if you are absolutely desperate for distance maybe it will work for you. Give a try and let me know. I am very curious to see what your experience is.

Again, I am a fan of Michael Breed as a hole and encourage you to check out his program on the golf channel.

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Thanks for reading!!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

Here are a couple of comments from golfers that disagreed and found good success with this particular golf tip:

“I too enjoy michael Breeds tips, this one , with just a little bit of alternation, has worked for me.   (1) holding of the left hand… I put my hand on the club shaft as he explained, however, I let it slip back just a little as I lower the club… I have also made my left hand a stronger position… (works great)  (2)  as I go into the backswing, I work on keeping my left arm fairly straight with only a 1/2 or 60% backswing, focusing on not bending my elbow… I’m 20 yards further in my distance off of the tee… Works for me”  Mike Jones

“Saw your post on Golf Gym’s FB page. I must disagree with you. This grip works. Shaved 5 stokes off my game as it reduced my hooks and slices off the tee.” R. Griffin

…thanks for your comments..

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