The Square to Square Golf Swing: Interview with Sam Goulden

Steve Stricker square to square golf swing
I am extremely excited to share this weeks interview with you.  We are fortunate enough to have Sam Goulden with us this week talking about the Square to Square Golf swing that I personally feel can be of great value to golfers over 50.

Many golfer over 50 are using this swing with fantastic results. The beauty of this swing is its simplicity, repeatability and low impact on the body.

How is the square to square golf swing different than the modern golf swing method?


    “The major difference between my “Square to Square Swing” method and many modern methods is relationship between the face angle and the plane of the swing.”
    “I advocate keeping the face square to the plane as long as possible in the backswing while most coaches advocate an opening of the club face. Though very few golfers will actually be able to maintain a square face throughout the swing like Dustin Johnson, just eliminating the conscious rolling open of the face on the take-away will improve their accuracy.”

“I became deadly accurate with my wedges and short irons after becoming familiar with the swing. I made six holes in one in just eight months and just recently made two in six days! The latest was a 198 yard 6 iron.”

Why did you decide to change your golf swing?

    “I am seeking the most simple and accurate swing. Most importantly, I wanted to have the best wedge game on tour. I looked at stats from and saw that Steve Stricker was leading in a lot of categories. After watching a lot of Stricker swings, both on video and in person, I noticed some things that seemed to click.”
    “I had used and taught a similar method to the“square to square swing” a few years back and was familiar with the concept already. I felt that what Stricker was doing was similar to a swing I had once used. After trying to emulate Stricker’s swing, I found myself hitting such great wedges I tried to apply the swing to full shots. Amazingly it worked!”

Have you worked with any golfers over the age of 50? Tell a little bit about that experience.

    “I have taught golfers of all ages. One thing I notice about golfers over the age of 50 is that they still want to compete! They want to hit it as far as possible without injury. They want to hit solid iron shots. Basically, they want to master the game but they are tired of working so hard at it.”
    “Many have spent thousands of dollars in training aids and lessons and haven’t seen the return. Most of my students are just happy to have a simple, effective way of producing solid contact, accuracy, and a lot of them gain distance due to the proper impact alignments.”

How could golfers that are over 50, with poor flexibility and/or back and/or shoulder problems benefit from the square to square swing?

    “I think that any method that eliminates the excessive use of the wrists, elbows, and arms can be helpful.”
    “By focusing on body rotation, we used the hips, and core more in harmony which keeps the opposing forces of the traditional swing at bay. It’s not that “The Square to Square Swing” is the only way to play. It’s just simpler. As long as the player can turn their hips and body, they can use my Square to Square Swing.”

What kind of golfers would benefit the most from changing to the square to square golf swing?

    “I am currently coaching players from the mini tour level all the way to beginner. EVERYONE can benefit from a method that helps create proper impact alignments with minimal swing thoughts.”

Will golfers lose distance with the Square to Square Golf Swing?

“I’ve never had a student lose distance. Some students gain a LOT of distance.”

    • “A recent student who was in the recovery phase of his cancer treatment was under the impression that it would take months to regain the length he had pre-treatment. He had lost 40 pounds and was hitting his PW about 70 yards when he arrived for his lesson.”

“After a brief discussion, a few small swings, and some simple set up changes, he started launching pitching wedges 115 yards. That’s actually 5 yards longer than he was hitting it before!”

That’s fantastic! Are there any drawbacks of the Square to Square Golf Swing?

    • “The main thing is to initiate the take-away with the body or shoulders.”

“Second most important thing: pause at the top.”

“Finally, initiate the through swing with the body turn or shoulders.”

“Without the pause at the top, the golfer creates opposition between the arm’s and club’s momentum going back and the body turn coming through. These opposing forces can cause stress on the joints and take the swing out of sync.”

Where can golfers find more about you and the Square to Square Golf Swing?


Sam Goulden

Sam Goulden

    • My website:

My Email: [email protected]

My YouTube Channel: YouTube

“My home is in Santa Monica, CA, but I teach all over the country. I host golf schools in every city I travel to for pga tour qualifying (over 30 this year).”

What else would you want our golfers to know about?


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I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this interview with Sam Goulden. If you have any further questions, you can post them on our Facebook page, or email Sam directly at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

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