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Golf Stretching Pole Exercise Stik Swing Speed

Top 5 Golf Flexibility Exercises

Top 5 Golf Flexibility Exercises For Golf Power And Distance In this article, we are going to cover my top 5 golf flexibility exercises that are key for consistent contact, golf power and distance, and for pain free golf. First of all, this list is not exhaustive and it took me 30 minutes to narrow […]

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Spinal Mobility for Golf: The Forgotten Aspect of Golf Flexibility

When people think of golf flexibility, they are typically referring to the flexibility of muscles and tendons in the body. However, for the golfer over 50, golf flexibility also needs to include spinal mobility…the often cited “forgotten” flexibility. Younger golfers with young spines have no problem with spinal mobility. However, the loss of spinal mobility […]

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You don't have to be Sampson!

4 Reasons Why Exercises for Golf Need to be Different

I have read many so-called “experts” claim that all exercises benefit the golfer and there is no need for a specific program with exercises for golf. I couldn’t disagree more. The golf swing is a specific motion that places greater emphasis on particular muscles and more emphasis on golf flexibility, golf mechanics, and golf and […]

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