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The Golf Backswing for the Senior Golfer: Part I Bad Compensations

In this 2-part article, we are going to address the key positions of the golf backswing and what senior golfers, golfers over 50, can do to improve their game with limited golf flexibility. Golf flexibility for golfers over 50 can sometimes be a difficult topic. For the vast majority, golf flexibility is highly effective with […]

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You don't have to be Sampson!

4 Reasons Why Exercises for Golf Need to be Different

I have read many so-called “experts” claim that all exercises benefit the golfer and there is no need for a specific program with exercises for golf. I couldn’t disagree more. The golf swing is a specific motion that places greater emphasis on particular muscles and more emphasis on golf flexibility, golf mechanics, and golf and […]

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Golf Backswing Trainer for swing speed

Transformation Phase: Redefine Your Golf Game

AGE DEFYING GOLF Rx In brief: __________________________________________________ Phase I: Foundation: Eliminates the effects of “Age” on your golf swing. Phase II: Transformation: Replaces your bad golf mechanics that were caused by “Age” and replaces them with dependable, powerful, and accurate mechanics. Phase III: Explosion: Adds power safely and smartly to the over 50 golfer. __________________________________________________ […]

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