Hello! My name is Dr. Ryan York, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Golf Performance Specialist.ryan and chuck 005

Thanks for visiting Age Defying Golf.  If you are strapped for time like I am, it is difficult to fit in all the golf exercises that you can find spread out all over the internet.  Plus, how do you separate out the best ones that will benefit your golf game?  After all, anyone with a computer can put up any random exercise and call it a “golf specific exercise.”

At Age Defying Golf, we have been working exclusively with golfers over 50 since 2007.  We have tried it all!  We know what works and what exercises are worthless and we put the top 3 together on one resource page for your convenience in the “The 3 best golf exercises for golfers over 50” resource page.

I have just turned 75 and have recently followed your suggestions for improving the golf game for those over 50 and they work!  I am now consistently playing 10 strokes better and I know I will improve even more. Thank you for all your good work and advice -Ron G –  Member of our email community

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