The Big Difference between Women and Mens Golf

golf stretchesWe recently took an online poll of golfers asking the question, “What golf improvement would make you the happiest this year?” Answers for this question are always variable but if you separate golfers into their respective categories, the same groups of golfers tend to want the same type of improvement for their golf game, especially for women.

Similar to our poll, Women’s Golf Magazine took a poll of their subscribers and asked, “if you could improve just one aspect of your game, what would it be?” The vast majority of women answered “more power,” whereas the majority of men, including senior golfers, wanted a variety of improvements including improved accuracy and hitting more greens in regulation.

We are not talking about brute, gorilla, long drive power but enough power to drive the ball down the fairway far enough to have a high percentage chance to hit the green in regulation.

And why do women golfers need more power?

The obvious answer would be that they generally don’t hit the golf ball as far as men. In fact, the average amateur woman golfer hits the ball approximately 75% as far as the average amateur male golfer.

Ideally this should not make a real difference in their golf game because golf courses are supposed to be designed with different tee boxes so that the difference in the distance women and men hit the golf ball should be accounted for, right? Actually they are not, not even close!

The difference between the Men’s and Women’s tee boxes is, on average, only 10%! Not the 25% that would make all things equal.

Just to put things in perspective for you guys reading this article, if you want to feel what it is like for a women on your average golf course today, you would have to play a golf course that is 7500 yards long! That is, 300 yards longer than your average PGA Tour golf course. Does it make sense why women golfers want and need more distance?

Women are playing extremely long distance golf courses in relation to their average swing power. As a result, power is a premium!

With power at a premium for women, how do we improve it? Do we need Tiger’s biceps or Dustin Johnson’s bulky deltoids? Heck no! Maybe you have heard of Lorena Ochoa? She is no bulging behemoth!

I will never forget Golf Digest a couple years ago with Lorena gracing the cover with the caption “5 foot 6, 127 lbs, average 290 yard drive”!

How is that possible? It’s really not that complicated. We address and train golfers at Age Defying Golf according to these principles.

QUESTION: As a women golfer, do you find it difficult to hit the green in regulation(1st shot on par 3, 2nd shot on par 4, 3rd shot for par 5)? Are you having to use hybrids and fairways woods for your approach shots or do you hit the ball far enough to use short, easier to hit, irons?

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2 Responses to The Big Difference between Women and Mens Golf

  1. Gayle Klinker July 11, 2016 at 11:51 am #

    I agree that women need more power, but as men lose strength, they get senior tee boxes. Where are the advanced tee boxes for senior women? If courses want women to continue to play, this should be available. I was never a long hitter, but now that I am in my 60’s, it would be nice to be able to have a similar advantage. My husband’s senior tees took him up to my tees. For equity, I would need a course that is about 850 yards shorter. I could start subtracting 8- 10 strokes from my score at the end (10 if it is really windy) to make up the difference. Of course his scores are better now and he feels great about HIS game. I don’t mind larger scores, but hitting greens in regulation would be nice. The only clear message I get is that older women are not wanted on golf courses. It is hard to find other senior women to play with because many have just given up the game due to the frustration of not having as good of a game as they once did. PS: You are correct about the 10% vs 25% difference for course length.

  2. Donna November 17, 2018 at 3:10 am #

    This is why the we will never grow the game for women ! Its impossible to feel accomplished. When most courses are par 72, Womens chance of making a par, let alone birdie or eagle, with the distance of our tee boxes are not realistic to how far they can hit off the tee , let alone fairways. I love it when I’m forced to play the only ladies tees at 5600 yards, and my husband has three choices and will always play his shortest tees. (Maybe 6200) and here is the kicker…. my tees will be rated 125 and his 128!! Really?? What planet are these stats based on. Not any form of reality in how women play this game. And when discussing it with women, I have found it interesting that a lot of them don’t get it? Brainwashed to accept what will never change I’m guessing.. i am just not sure why there hasn’t been a movement to make it equitable for women to have a chance to score , by allowing us shorter holes where we can have short irons in more often, and the occasional longer par 4, instead of the complete opposite with most of the time hitting the longest approach shots and still not having enough to get on?? We would want the same type of distances for our average hitters just as men for have for themselves. I’m in love with this game and will always play no matter what. But feel a greatly disrespected by the way I’m disregarded by any thought process as to how I play it as a woman.

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