Top 3 Golf Drivers For Seniors 2015

Best Golf Drivers For Senior Golfers: Your Best Selections

Golf  really is an interesting, even addictive sport and the best driver for senior golfers may be different to what the Tour Pros use. There are many different ways  you can swing the golf club and there is simply no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

This is why I have decided to write this article, so that you can understand the impact of golf equipment a little better. As you know, most golfers can’t swing the club at 110 mph (that’s the speed the Pros swing at), so there is no reason for you to push that limit, as it could lead to injuries.


Best driver for senior golfers


Senior golfers over 50 will tend to swing slower since they are losing strength and flexibility. This is precisely why you should take some time, do your research and pick out the best driver for your game and body.

For those who are not currently on the “Age Defying Golf Rx” or the “Age Defying Golf Ez” program, you may even start to realize you are losing speed at a much quicker rate.

We want to see you improve and play better golf and this short guide here will help you select the best golf drivers for seniors for improved distance and accuracy.

How To Gain Power?

Before we dive straight into picking out the drivers, you have to understand the concept of how to gain power first. The most important figures that you need to know when you are playing your driver would be your launch angle and spin rate.

To optimize your launch angle, you can follow this guideline and pick your driver accordingly:

  • 60 – 70 mph: 13 -15 degrees
  • 71 – 80 mph: 12 – 14 degrees
  • 81 – 90 mph: 11 -13 degrees
  • 91 – 100 mph: 10 -12 degrees
  • 100 mph +: 9 – 10 degrees

Now you should have a little idea, right? The faster your swing the club, the less loft you need on your driver – it’s that simple. In regards to the spin rate, the quicker you swing the club, the more spin you will generate. Unfortunately, more spin on your driver will equate to reduced distance. You can counter this effect by choosing the correct shaft.

How To Choose The Right Shaft?

Lighter shaft: In general, senior golfers don’t really need a heavy shaft. Indeed, a heavy shaft will reduce the spin rate, but if you don’t have the clubhead speed to back it up, you will hit the ball very low and also slice it quite often.

I would recommend going for graphite shafts that weight roughly 50-55 grams, as that can drastically improve your swing speed and also give you a better control of your club.

Find the right length: Driver shafts usually start at 45 inches, but that may not be the optimal length for you. It is true that the longer the shaft, the more width you can create and hence more distance. This is correct in the theory perspective. However, distance comes from centredness of strike as well (how well you hit the ball). An excessively long driver will lead to mis hits and that would lead to distance loss.

The shaft flex: Senior golfers are usually recommended to use regular shafts (or even more flexible shafts). But that would depend on your swing speed.

Unless you swing your driver over 115 mph, you don’t need an X (extra stiff) shaft. Generally speaking, the less swing speed you have, the more flexible your shaft should be.

The Top 3 Drivers For You

3) Callaway XR

Callaway XR Best Seniors golf driver

Callaway Men's XR DriverIf you want to hit your ball long and down the fairway every single time, the Callaway XR is your club choice.

It has been designed to increase the ball speed with a bigger sweet spot. Even the mis-hits will go pretty far. If you have as swing speed of less than 100 mph, this could even be the perfect club for you.

What makes the Callaway XR Driver a popular driver apart from its power for senior golfers, is its ability to be fitted to your needs. To find the perfect launch, you can choose from 8 individual loft and lie configurations to give you greater distance.

The new Project X LZ shaft produces maximum shaft load in the downswing loading zone, providing greater energy transfer to the ball for greater distance.

Callaway has increased ball speeds by reducing 10% of the face weight to bring you a thinner face, enabling a more efficient energy transfer over the face of the Callaway XR driver, putting the CG 17% lower, delivering a higher MOI.

An optimised aerodynamic head along with the Speed Step Crown effectively minimises drag and maximises speed through the swing of the XR Driver

Benefits Of The Callaway Xr Driver:

  • Speed from speed step crown reduces drag and maximizes speed through the swing,  combined  with an optimized aerodynamic head shape
  • RMOTO Face Technology increases ball speeds across the face by reducing 10% of face weight, making it thinner
  • maximum shaft load during the downswing loading zone for greater energy transfer to the ball
  • OptiFit adjustability offers you a choice of 8 different loft and lie configurations for the perfect ball launch for you . Right launch conditions= more distance
  • everything about this driver is optimized for aero efficiency, which is critical to add speed with less drag

Callaway XR Driver


2) Titleist 915D2

Titleist 915D2 9.5 Degree Regular FlexTitleist is one of the best golfing brands out there and it should not be a surprise that they produce the best drivers as well. The new 915D2, released in 2014,  is designed to optimize the launch angle with minimal spin, delivering a higher trajectory for maximum distance.

This equates to massive drives every single time. I am currently playing with the Titleist 915D2 and I feel so comfortable on the tee every time I take my driver out.

This driver is great for those with a moderate to fast swing speed of 85 – 100 mph.

Benefits Of The Titleist Driver At A Glance:

  •   New Active Recoil Channel, wide sole channel delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact,launching the ball off the face with lower spin and higher speed.
  • ARC technology, creates active deflection in the crown and sole at impact, producing more speed and less spin.
  • High speed face insert with a thick center and radially thin perimeter in the heel and toe delivers more distance on off-center hits.
  • SureFit Tour Hosel, 16 Unique loft and lie combinations for the best fit.

Titleist 915D2 9.5 Degree Regular Flex

3)  PING G30

Ping G30 Driver PingThe new PING driver will be able to deliver great distance, but also improved accuracy. The head design may look weird to some people, but if you like it, the G30 outperforms most drivers available on the market.

Currently PGATOUR player Bubba Watson plays with the G30 and he hits it miles! The G30 is ideal for senior golfers with a fast swing speed in excess of 100 mph.

In addition… AVOID the Taylormade R15 driver at all cost. You might hear great reviews about it, but it’s not worth it. It’s designed for top amateurs and tournament professionals.

Benefits Of The Ping G30 At A Glance:

  • Turbulators,which are ridges on the crown provide more efficient air flow around the club and reduce drag during the swing. The turbulators frame the ball at address,giving consistent, confident contact off the tee.
  • The new T9S titanium material used in the face is stronger than previous materials, allowing the face to be thinner and positioning the CG lower and deeper to increase MOI and forgiveness compared to prior G-series models.
  • The stock TFC 419D shaft has a high balance point, allowing the head to be 5 grams heavier than previous PING driver models providing an increase in momentum, MOI and energy transfer. This will give you more forgiveness and distance off the tee.
  • Thin walls allow for the low, deep CG while also stabilizing sound.

Ping G30 Driver 9

 Which one should I choose?

In essence, you should first look at your swing speed. After that you can determine which driver you like the most. Obviously if you like a particular clubhead, but don’t quite have the clubhead speed, you could go for a custom fitting session and get that sorted.

What’s a custom fitting session?

This is perhaps the most important process when you are purchasing a driver. Ideally, you would want a club that fits perfectly for you, but that won’t happen unless you go to your local pro and ask for a fitting. You would get advice on your perfect shaft, your perfect grip and your perfect clubhead. A custom fitting session won’t cost a lot and if you are serious about improving your game, you should get your clubs fitted.

Last but not least, you should still go out on the golf course and enjoy the game! Nothing matters if you are not having fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading this short guide. Thanks!

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Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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