Transformation Phase: Redefine Your Golf Game


In brief:

    Phase I: Foundation: Eliminates the effects of “Age” on your golf swing.

Phase II: Transformation: Replaces your bad golf mechanics that were caused by “Age” and replaces them with dependable, powerful, and accurate mechanics.

Phase III: Explosion: Adds power safely and smartly to the over 50 golfer.

In this posting, we will very briefly explain the second phase:


“TRANSFORMATION” is the 2nd of 3 phases included in the Age Defying Golf Rx System.

Like the Foundation Phase, TRANSFORMATION continues to improve on your flexibility to reduce injury and reduce swing problems caused by poor flexibility.

In addition, TRANSFORMATION focuses on the principles of muscle memory with specific Train 2 Engrain Golf Exercise Patterns that will engrave effective golf mechanics to your subconscious.

In other words, your natural swing will become powerful, consistent, and accurate without having to spend thousands of dollars on professional lessons.

Here is an example:


8. Backswing Trainer with Band Wrap Around

Golf Backswing Trainer for swing speed


    Develop power through resistance, correct loading on backswing, and position on follow through.


    Attach the resistance band to a door at belly button height. Take your normal golf stance with the band stretched out to your right. Wrap the band around your waist on time.


    As if you were hitting a golf ball, take your normal backswing and follow through. Your follow through will be against resistance so turn strong, quickly, and under control to a full finish.

The entire program is on DVD so it is easy to follow along, and each session takes only 15 minutes! IT’S THAT EASY!!!

Who is the Transformation Phase for:

Average Golfers over 50: The Transformation Phase will improve golf flexibility and engrain a dependable, powerful, and accurate golf swing.
Golf Beginner: The beginning golfer will save the heart ache and pain of learning the golf swing and save the high cost of professional lessons.
Advanced Golfer: The Transformation Phase is not intended for advanced golfers. The advanced golfer will get the greatest benefit from continuing the Foundation Phase or EZ program of Age Defying Golf. Click here

Don’t buy another $400 driver that will only help you drive the ball further into the woods! Stop wasting time and money on the driving range practicing bad habits!

Take the EASY path! Work on the your most important piece of golf equipment…..YOU! Buy the Age Defying Golf Rx System right now!
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Thanks for reading,

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist
Age Defying Golf

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