What’s the Difference between Men’s and Women’s Golf: Part II

Last week we discussed the particular need for women to develop more power in their golf swing due to the lopsided discrepancy in the distance between the men’s and the women’s tees on most golf courses.

The golf swing is more about physics than anything else, including strength. One of the first areas we look at with the Age Defying Golf System is the physics concerning the positioning of the golfer at the top of the backswing.

Below we have two pictures: The first picture shows some very common positional faults that we see in golfers over 50. The second picture shows a golfer with excellent position that is taking maximum advantage of physics to create a powerful swing without having to be a powerful person.

Bottom Line: Ladies (and guys), if you want more power, its all about maintaining your swing width.

Poor golf flexibility

Swing breakdown due to stiffness

Improved golf flexibility

Powerful, Efficient, Fluid Setup. Free of stiffness.

Obviously the two pictures are different, but can you identify where the golfer is losing power?

To begin with it looks like the golfer in the first picture is getting a longer backswing which should give him more power right??? Not exactly. It is beneficial to have a longer backswing but you have to be able to get there without compensations.

The golfer in the first picture does not have the flexibility to have a backswing this long so he is making 2-3 harmful compensations.

1) L elbow is collapsing (bending). The L elbow should not bend more than 10 degrees at the top of the backswing and the reason is physics. Also, the L elbow is straight at the point of contact with the ball, so if you bend the elbow in the backswing it will make it all the more difficult to return to the correct elbow straight position when you hit the ball.

2) The hands are too close to the R ear which also indicates a lack of width and

3) The R elbow is bent more than 90 degrees which further indicates a loss of width and power.

With the Age Defying Golf Rx system, we address the flexibility and physical causes of these swing faults that occur in golfers over 50 so that you can have a longer backswing without compensations.

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Check your own backswing in the mirror and see if you are losing power and accuracy through these faults. And don’t underestimate the huge difference these changes can make.

If you cannot correct these faults the quick answer is to shorten up your swing but the real problem is loss of flexibility.

QUESTION: How did your swing feel after making these adjustments? In addition to power, did you notice an improvement in your accuracy and consistency with ball striking? Why do you think that was or was not?

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