Why Most Golfers Won’t Improve Their Golf Swing

Playing golf, you will find a vast array of unique, crazy, and down right awful golf swings. Even with golfers over 50 who have been playing golf for a long while and play a decent game. With all of the fundamentals of a good golf swing all over the internet, it seems odd that there are so many bad swings out there. One very good explanation for golfers over 50, is the loss of golf flexibility limiting their ability to swing with good fundamentals. This is why we created Age Defying Golf in the first place.

Tiger Woods swing changes have been well documented over the years.

Tiger Woods swing changes have been well documented over the years.

However, it is definitely not the only reason. I feel the other reason is that golfers do not want to go through the difficult, and often embarrassing, process of making a change. I do not know of many golfers over 50, or senior golfers, who enjoy the process of making a significant change in their golf swings.  In fact, the older we get, the less likely we are to change anything in our lives.

As my father-in-law often says, “I know what I like and I like what I know.”  For him this is true with the kind of food he eats (we have tried and failed for years to get him to eat any other kind of pizza besides straight pepperoni!!  We are still trying ;), his hobbies, etc.

Most golfers often make small adjustments to their swing, ei. shorten the backswing, keep the back to the target longer, etc. Some of these are good, but many are band aid repairs that make golf consistency a pipe dream.

Not to be too preachy, I am writing this article to share my own difficulties and my strategy for improvement.

I have two fundamental swing flaws that have nagged my golf swing for more than 10 years.

1. Weak right hand grip
My weak golf grip

2. Bent left wrist at the top of the backswing.
Correct wrist position at the top of the backswing

I have known about these flaws for a long time and whenever my swing starts to slip a little, the first thing I am reminded of is my poor grip.

Why it is tough to change
The most difficult mental hurdle for me is that I have played very well, for a long time, with this grip. So the question that I continually face, that I feel is the hurdle for most golfers when changing their swing is this:

Why should I go through the frustration of changing my golf swing when I am already playing well and when I am enjoying my game?

Here equation that golfers face that determines whether or not they will commit to a change:

When the frustration/pain of my current golf swing is greater than the perceived frustration/pain of making a swing change, that is when the golfer will commit to change.

And that is the point that I have reached this summer. Most of the time I play very well. However, I am not as consistent as I would like to be and, more importantly, I get very frustrated when I have stretches of playing poorly that I know are a result of my fundamental golf flaw.

Of course, many golfers such as yourself, have not or may never reach this point. Many golfers comment that they don’t want a major change to their swing, but if I see something that is glaring and easily changeable, than we can work on that.

If you are in that situation, that is great…continue enjoying the game.  Again, if you are not frustrated with your golf game, then there is no reason to change.

My Challenges to Success
My number one obstacle is that when I go to the driving range and work on my grip, I hit the ball horribly. I am a feel player, and when I reach the top of my backswing, the new grip and wrist position feel terrible. As a result, I lose my rhythm, flow and release as I finish my swing.

I press on because I know that this feeling is what I expect to feel when making a significant change. I have heard one golf instructor comment: “If it feels good, than you are doing it wrong. Because a change in your normal mechanics should feel wrong.”

I know this as a physical therapist when I am teaching a patient how to walk again after a major knee surgery. The patient has walked with a limp because of the pain for so long, that the limp feels normal. When we change the walking mechanics, patients always comment on how awkward it feels.

I know, and you should be encouraged, that if you stick to it, the new mechanics will begin to feel normal. It just takes time.

My Strategy
If I go to my driving range and hit balls as badly as I will for a while, it will definitely hurt my reputation as a golf instructor. Golfers that recognize me will watch my swing and say to themselves and all their golfing buddies “This guy is an instructor, he is awful!”

That is a big obstacle!. So instead of beginning at the driving range, I am going to use my “Backyard Driving Range” that I wrote about last week. You can review that article by clicking here, if you like.

In the comfort and privacy of my backyard, I can hack away. I can slam my club into the ground and throw it as I please!! I am not planning on taking this swing “public” until I get a good feel for it on my own.

Application to Age Defying Golf
In many ways, this applies to our programs at Age Defying Golf. Our signature program, Age Defying Golf Rx, is the type of program that you would use if you are ready for a change. If “age” is affecting and frustrating your golf game, Age Defying Golf Rx is your go to program to make it happen. Click Here to read more about our signature program.

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However, if you are the kind of golfer who prefers smaller changes that will improve your game and golf body without going “all in,” than we have created Age Defying Golf Ez. Ez is a combination of exercises and stretches that can be completed once a week. You will improve your golf body and golf game, but in smaller doses and in much less time.


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I hope you make the decision to enjoy golf more by using one of these two options in the off season. And I will keep you abreast of my progress with my grip….you might want to pray for me (;

Thanks for reading!!

Dr Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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